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Leading Cloud IT Specialist, S2 Computers make the Switch to SpamTitan
“SpamTitan is a massive peace of mind, as it just works. The stats on the Dashboard speak for themselves, a lot of customers have no idea just how many threats they face each day.”
Andy Atthowe
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The Challenge

The Solution

The Results

In moving to SpamTitan Email Protection solution, S2 Computers required a solution to protect clients email accounts from phishing attacks, spoofing emails, block malicious emails but allow genuine emails to reach the client inbox. SpamTitan did not disappoint and has worked seamlessly since deployment. 

S2 clients are relying on security technology more than ever. With the change in working from home, a client may open an email or click a link, where previously they would ask a colleagues about the authenticity of an email. SpamTitan blocks all such emails from entering the client inbox, with a Spam Catch Rate of 99.99%.   

S2 Computers recommends for any organization, thinking of making the change, “Just make the switch, the product works, support is superb and the price is really good!”. “For us running the full VM version on Azure has proved the most successful. Everything is in our control and we get the full feature set, readily available” said Andy Atthowe, Director of S2 Computers. 

Below are the current results to date for S2 Computers. (22.03.2021)


Emails flagged as spam

Only 51% of emails have been passed as clean emails


Viruses blocked

SpamTitan blocked 79 potential viruses for S2 clients


Banned attachments

Blocked email attachments including harmful malware

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