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Luxury Golf Car Retailer moves to SpamTitan following Reddit Recommendation
SpamTitan saved me several hours a day sorting through potentially bad emails. Now all of our employees can focus on their actual jobs instead of digging through spam and malicious emails.
Benjamin Jeffrey
Director of IT
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The Challenge

IT Director, Benjamin Jeffrey joined M&M Golf Cars in having previously worked for an MSP managing security for multiple SMB clients.

Immediately after joining M&M Golf Cars, Mr. Jeffrey decided to look for an advanced email filter. “I immediately realised the email filtering solution in place was performing poorly. We needed something up to date and powerful as we were receiving hundreds of spam emails each week." 

The current solution was the ISP email hosts email filtering solution which was old, outdated, and would allow malicious emails through. 

A huge challenge of this solution was monitoring email it was almost an entire full-time job on top of the role of IT Director.

M&M Golf Cars operate in the central US and do business in 4 states providing golf cart rentals and sales to different companies, organizations, events, and many golf courses. Company employees spent a lot of time digging through spam and malicious emails trying to find communications from actual customers. The situation needed immediate attention.

IT challenges facing M&M Golf Cars

- Monitoring emails and attachments for malware

- Threat detection and prevention

- Educating employees of new and existing threats

- Maintaining websites and servers

- Sales & mobile applications

- Securing devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc

The Solution

SpamTitan was suggested to Mr. Jeffrey via Reddit in an IT subreddit. "After comparing several solutions, I decided to give SpamTitan email security a try.

"After comparing several solutions, I decided to give SpamTitan a try. Their reputation was outstanding in the Reddit IT circles I am a member of. There is no comparison to other solutions"

"The ability to pick and choose what attachments are acceptable, drill down to exactly how strict per user you want the filtering to be, and reporting which allows me to manually allow or remove threats before employees ever see them was great."

What was the first moment you realized SpamTitan was a unique solution to your IT challenges?

I would say within the first week of our trial demo seeing the large range of options and features available I came to the realization that this was a powerful solution. The granularity of the filtering and the ease of implementation were game changers. 

From day 1 of the trial, the assistance has been superb. Technical support were top class in getting everything running smoothly.  

What is the best thing about SpamTitan?

The support staff and employees by far. They have answered and helped in any situation where I had questions or needed assistance.They really helped me to explain the issue, and walked me through a solution. Support are friendly and professional and I’ve never had to sit on hold in the 3 years we have been customers now. 

After the initial trial period, seeing how helpful the support team was in not only answering questions, but treating me as a person, and making sure I understood their answers is what made me choose to implement SpamTitan. The product works from day 1 with minimal tweaking, we were up and running in no time. 

The Results

Since deploying SpamTitan, my job is just easier overall without needing to constantly worry about every single email coming in. I keep up with new threats and having the ability to block them before many security companies even update their definitions to protect their customers. I literally have more time for every single thing else in our company because of the workload SpamTitan has taken off my shoulders. 

Not only can we filter out attachments that are popular with malicious actors, I can filter out specific email addresses, entire domains, but entire countries if we shouldn’t receive emails from those regions.  

Being able to cut down how many spam emails each employee received daily, stopping threats before employees had a chance to open them, and being able to detect or filter out new threats with ease is why I decided to implement SpamTitan. There were too many new threats appearing daily which put our company and our customers at risk and implementing another line of defense that I have the ability to tweak as needed definitely pushed us to decide on SpamTitan. 

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Years of blocking email threats

Successfully blocking 99.99% of threats, they renewed every year since deployment SpamTitan


100% more productive

IT Director and all employees can now focus on their roles and improve customer relations instead of sorting through spam and malicious emails.


Day free trial

M&M Golf Cars trialed SpamTitan for 14 days and found it be the perfect solution for their IT Challenges.

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