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Ölands Kommunalförbund Deployment of WebTitan DNS Filtering in K-9 Schools
We were blown away by WebTitan's filtering capability and exceptional support. Very easy to use and very affordable, 10/10.
Niklas Palmquist
IT Manager
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The Challenge

The number one challenge of Ölands Kommunalförbund [ÖKF] was to deploy a DNS filter to block pornographic content from 2,500 students and 400 staff in two K-9 schools.

ÖKF required a solution that was simple to use and deploy but would not affect the current IT environment.  Budget restraints were also an issue, so an affordable solution was required to fit the organizations budget.

Key Requirements:

The Solution

Ölands Kommunalförbund K-9 schools ‘Blown Away’ by WebTitans Filtering Capability and Exceptional Support.

“We looked at lots of solutions but the WebTitan DNS filter suited our requirements best. With WebTitan we could filter from the top-level right down so we could see what was being blocked and why".

“The WebTitan team took us through several online demos to show us exactly how the solutions would work in our environment. I felt the engineers really listening to our needs and helped customise the solution we needed".

WebTitan solved the main challenge facing ÖKF. “The solution works as expected, it filters the DNS requests for K-9 students and staff”.

Through the free trial of WebTitan, ÖKF discovered very quickly that WebTitan was a unique solution for the issues they faced. After testing the product, it was an obvious choice to deploy across the 2 municipals. In comparison to other DNS Filtering solutions, ÖKF described WebTitan as “easy and affordable”.

The “fast implementation" made this product very accessible any for ÖKF to commit to. ÖKF described WebTitan as an “easy solution to setup and use,” “it starts working instantly”.

The WebTitan DNS filtering solutions provides teachers and staff enough flexibility to filter the internet differently for staff and students. WebTitan offers school IT and administrators customization options in terms of filtering policies adapted to each school’s individual requirements.

The Results

In deploying WebTitan DNS Filter, Ölands kommunalförbund solved their challenge in protecting 2500 students and 400 members of staff from pornography websites.

ÖKF required a solution that was easy to use and setup, with fast implementation that would work instantly. In starting the free trial, ÖKF discovered how easy WebTitan was to setup, use and found it to be the scalable, DNS web filtering system that they required.

Taking into account educational sector budget constraints and the number of students and staff to be protected,  pricing had to be reasonable and within budget for this organization, they stated “the pricing on WebTitan is very affordable and it fit the budget”.

WebTitan was an obvious choice for ÖKF and proved to be highly successful from the get-go.

Main Benefits:

DNS-Level Security - Blocking porn via DNS

Blocking adult content at the DNS level is the most effective solution that could be undertaken to truly stop students in schools from accessing dangerous or inappropriate content. WebTitan DNS filtering categorize sites in real time and blocks porn and malicious content.

DNS-level content filtering is done at the network level making it very difficult to bypass, and therefore the perfect solution for schools that want to fully restrict access to porn.


With WebTitan DNS filtering, the Ölands Kommunalförbund K-9 school has found it can easily manage the schools expanded network capacity with no delays. WebTitan gives educators and administrators fine-tuned control over the content students can access. WebTitan's ability to filter Internet traffic wherever students are located is a key factor in the success of this deployment.

For organizations and public WiFi owners, decide what you consider to be acceptable-use policies and enforce them using DNS-layer security solution.


Protected Users

2500 students protected & 400 staff from pornographic websites.


Fast Setup

Configuration and setup was very quick and easy. It took less than 30 minutes to deploy.


Key Requirements

3 key requirements of a DNS Filter solution were met with WebTitan.

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