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Web Hosting Company move to SpamTitan Email Security to Block Malicious Activity
SpamTitan has brought a significant cost reduction without compromising on quality and provided a flexible license structure to allow for growth. Our customers feel safer with SpamTitan
Nico Visser
DevOps Manager
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The Challenge

1-grid has grown significantly over the past two years, and their in-house systems were unable to manage this growth without an increasing amount of time spent on maintenance and management. They needed a solution that was low maintenance, but could fully protect customers against the ever-increasing threats associated with email communication.


The IT team wanted to ensure email was delivered quickly and correctly. Before deploying SpamTitan, 1-grid had deployed various open source tools to defend against malicious attachments, phishing attacks, spoofing and ransomware. It became apparent that these tools were not delivering the required protection as well as they needed. “Email represents a significant threat vector, however protection must be balanced with timely delivery,” said Nico Visser, 1-grid DevOps Manager.”


1-grid were looking for an innovative partner solution to provide the highest level of protection while still ensuring a seamless customer experience. The sheer volume and high level of malicious activity facing 1-grid customers was one of the main challenges and reasons for finding a new Email Protection solution. “Spoofing, malware and scams targeting online business remain to be some of the bigger threats in the online world.” 


1-grid are passionate about the development of the South African SMB market and their diverse product offering is tailored to assist businesses at all phases to create and develop their digital presence. They required a flexible solution to suit businesses of all sizes.


“Our primary focus is to ensure our customers, who mostly fall in the SMB category, remain focused on building their online presence, with as little exposure to spam and scams as possible. We want to improve the overall safety of their online business activity, and to ensure that they are constantly protected from the daily threats associated with email communication.”


1-grid is always looking to improve their solutions, hence they required a solution that was forward-thinking, optimised, easy-to-use and scalable for over 350,000 customers.

The Solution

“SpamTitan brought about a significant cost reduction without compromising on quality and also provided a flexible license structure to allow for growth”.

The Results

At 1-grid they highly regard partnerships in the industry and value transparency and honesty. In partnering with SpamTitan, they have seen remarkable success in blocking malicious activity and improving customer experience. “SpamTitan was willing to engage on some of our unique challenges and was accommodating and sensitive to our needs.”

1-grid has advice for other business planning to move to SpamTitan. “Plan carefully and have a solid migration plan in place. As a hosting provider, we had a lot of planning sessions and built integration into our platform and control panels from the start to ensure systems stay as automated as possible.”


Spam protection

Blocked malicious activity 350,00 users in the SMB sector


Spam catch rate

99.99% Spam Catch Rate with low levels of false positives

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