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Millennium Corporate Credit Union Implement WebTitan for User Roaming
The web filtering is the most valuable feature to us. The OTG client was the determining factor.
Kip P
VP of IT
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The Challenge

Millenium Corporate Credit Union required a solution to protect users when laptops were taken outside of the network. Regulators suggested they deploy a DNS filtering solution that works off-prem.

"Regulators suggested that we needed something along these lines for when laptops go off-prem.

Requirements of DNS Filter:

The Solution

WebTitan DNS Filter is web filter that eliminates malicious content at the source, it blocks malware, phishing, viruses, ransomware & malicious sites. 

Beneficial features of WebTitan: 

OTG Roaming Agent: "The web filtering is the most valuable feature. The OTG client was the determining factor. The DNS Proxy 2.06 for helping to support the filtering of users in Azure Active Directory has been fine. We haven’t had any issues. It has been easy to understand and use customization options provided by WebTitan.

WebTitan on-the-go (OTG) is the remote roaming client used within the WebTitan Cloud platform. It allows off-network roaming by users while continuing to apply their web content filtering policy. WebTitan OTG enforces user & device-level web filtering for devices whether they're on or off the network.

Customer Support: “For the couple of cases I’ve had, customer support has been great.”

Ease of use: “It’s easy to implement and easy to use.”

The Results

WebTitan has successfully solved the challenge facing Millenium Corporate Credit Union. 

"When folks are traveling, WebTitan has enabled us to keep them secure. It protects all our staff. We use it for everybody, whether they’re remote, domestic, or traveling."


Key Requirements

4 key requirements of a DNS Filter solution were met with WebTitan.


Fast Setup

Configuration and setup was very quick and easy. It took less than 30 minutes to deploy.

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