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Deployment of WebTitan at the State Attorney’s Office Reduces Malware Traffic

In deploying WebTitan Web Filter, the State Attorney‘s Office reduced malware traffic by 30%, alongside significant cost-savings.

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Rocky P IT Systems Administrator

WebTitan has helped reduce costs associated with Web filtering by more than 50%.

The Challenge

The State Attorney's Office 13th Circuit required a web filtering / DNS filter to prevent staff from accessing malicious sites, resulting in malware downloads and ransomware attacks. 

As this is a law enforcement organisation, they are required to protect confidential information to prevent potential ransomware attacks and subsequent fines.

Solution Requirements:

Deployment of WebTitan at the State Attorney’s Office Reduces Malware Traffic - Solution

The Solution

WebTitan is an advanced web filter providing both protection from HTTP and HTTPS security threats as well as advanced DNS filtering control to organisations.

Malware prevention & data loss prevention: "WebTitan protects all our staff. This is important because we are in law enforcement. Therefore, we need to ensure that we don’t have a high chance of contracting malware because of the confidentiality of our information."

First-class Support: “We used TitanHQ’s technical support team for onboarding. They have been helpful in every way.”

Content Filtering & blocking malicious sites:  "WebTitan’s Web filtering has helped improve the quality of service that we offer to customers. This is important because we always need instant access to the Internet. The response time is crucial for us, especially when we need to reach out to different agencies to research information."

How it works:

"We send on a DNS request through their DNS servers for filtering. Our use case for WebTitan is to filter all the bad URLs to check and make sure that we don’t have any malware, etc. that might go through our network. We use it to replace the traditional proxy that requires a server onsite with a CPU, etc."

The Results

The State Attorneys Office 13th Circuit has seen great ROI by deploying WebTitan Content Filter in time, effort and cost-savings. The State Attorney's Office has reduced malware traffic through the advanced content filtering capabilities of the solution. 

"Budgetary-wise, overall when factoring in the cost for WebTitan, it is cheaper every year in comparison to other systems."

"We have seen approximately a 30% reduction in malware attack traffic. I am confident in WebTitan to filter this out for me."

“WebTitan has helped reduce costs associated with Web filtering by more than 50%.”


Percent Cost Reduction

WebTitan has helped reduce costs associated by more than 50%.


Percent Less Malicious Traffic

WebTitan has reduced malware attack traffic by 30%.

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