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An Advanced Web Filter for Full Protection Against Online Threats

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An Advanced Web Filter for Full Protection Against Online Threats

DNS security and DNS content filtering are essential workload sin cybersecurity.

They make it possible to mitigate the risks of malware and ransomware infections, data theft, data exfiltration and fraud. TitanHQ’s WebTitan provides this functionality.

Unlike other DNS-based systems on the market that only work at the domain level, WebTitan works at the path level. It is capable of blocking individual web pages rather than entire domains.

According to PeerSpot, WebTitan is highly ranked in several key categories and now its members are going into detail on why they chose the platform over the competition.


Use cases for WebTitan Advanced Web Filter

PeerSpot members from businesses, managed security providers (MSPs) and schools are putting WebTitan to work in a variety of use cases. For instance, the main focus for Joe K., a Director of Information Technology at a consumer goods company, is adding an additional layer of security to what they already have. “It provides an additional layer of security while browsing the internet, which seems to be the most vulnerable place for most companies,” he said.

Bob M., an Information Services at a healthcare company, uses WebTitan to limit the streaming capabilities of users and access to any inappropriate sites. He explained, “Basically, it goes by DNS settings. So, the DNS server goes out to WebTitan and says, ‘Is this OK to go to?’ If WebTitan says yes, they get their webpage. There is no hardware other than our DNS server that interacts with the service.”

A tech services company uses WebTitan to stop cyberattacks and make life easier for staff members concerned with breaches to the code of conduct. According to Patrick S., their Project Manager, the deployment of WebTitan came after using Cisco Umbrella and suffering a cyberattack when a staff member visited a malicious website.

Maintaining DNS filtering when employees take laptops off-premises is how a credit union is utilizing WebTitan. As Kip P., their VP of IT, explained, “When folks are traveling, it has enabled us to keep them secure. It protects all our staff. We use it for everybody, whether they're remote, domestic or traveling.”


Better than the rest

WebTitan users on PeerSpot shared why they selected the solution over alternatives on the market. For example, an Infrastructure / Database Lead at a healthcare company recalled using Websense Content Gateway and McAfee Web Gateway: “They were really at varying levels of ‘awful.’ When we moved to WebTitan, it just did what we needed. The other solutions were just awful to configure and were very limited with what you could do, in terms of the reporting.”

Kip P. tried Webroot DNS Protection, but it did not have the OTG client, so they switched to WebTitan. He added, “We also run Proofpoint Email Protection, which rewrites the URL links and works well with WebTitan.”

IT Director Brad M. switched his wellness & fitness company from OpenDNS because WebTitan is hands-off. He stated, “There isn't a lot of configuration required. It just works, out-of-the-box.”

Similarly, Michael G., President of a construction company that previously did not have a web filtering solution in place, reported that his main reason for choosing WebTitan is because it works well. He explained, “We looked at several solutions when we were evaluating products, including Barracuda and a Symantec product. The advantage that we saw with WebTitan was that we didn't have to install a local client. It was also cost-effective.”

After trying the LanSchool web filtering, Mark P., an Endpoint Management Engineer at a government office, felt the solution was not robust enough. “There was a trial version available of WebTitan and that's how I tested it and it seemed to work great. The pricing was right. Our contact was awesome with answering any questions during the trial period. It seemed like a really good way to go,” he said.

Pricing was a factor for Rocky P., an IT Systems Administrator at a government office, who previously used EdgeWave. He elaborated, “The biggest problem we had with that system was we had to maintain the hardware. The hardware would have cost us around $30,000, and then we would have to pay for maintenance support on top of that. Adding up all those factors, using WebTitan saves us money.”

The same goes for Tho N., a Network Administrator at a tech company, who switched from Cisco Umbrella and stated, “WebTitan is substantially less, about half the price. I didn't know about them beforehand, but I did a lot of research. Also, a lot of people recommended WebTitan. So, I did some comparisons and it literally fit almost the exact same functionality. It was a pretty easy choice.”

Also defecting from Cisco Umbrella was Michael M., a Head of Infrastructure at a maritime company, who found that it was too sensitive. Plus, it had too many false positives where it blocked everything before validation. He reported, “Feature-wise, WebTitan is comparable to Cisco Umbrella and other solutions, but its main advantage is the pricing structure because Cisco Umbrella costs about three times as much.”

Patrick S. also used Cisco Umbrella before opting for WebTitan. He shared, “I was really taken aback by the price point, features and functionality we were going to get with WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi. Other solutions didn’t have all the features and functionalities we wanted; they could do some of what we now do but at a higher cost.”


As these discussions reveal, WebTitan has emerged as the clear choice for a wide range of buyers and use cases. It has proven to function better while offering a better deal, in financial terms. The DNS security and DNS content filtering workloads are too important to be trusted to a sub-optimal solution.  


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