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Email Archiving for Education

ArcTitan is a powerful Email Archiving Solution that enables educational institutions to create a back-up of all email messages and to fully offload their email storage requirements to the cloud. 

With ArcTitan, our Cloud-Based Archiving Solution, users can avail of unlimited archiving of both inbound and outbound mail, as well as attachments, folders, calendar entries and contacts.

The Importance of Email Archiving for the Education Sector

Email data is a mine of information, communication, and important documentation. In schools and other educational instituitions, email is the main form of internal and external communication and archiving ensures that all email data is kept fully safe and secure, and is easily accessible. 

Email Archiving ensures that educational institutions are fully equipped to meet legal and compliance obligations under GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other legislation.

Most regulations stipulate storage of emails and other records for several years. Lawsuits are a practical example of how emails may be needed several years after being sent or received, as a court may order production of all records associated with a case. Archived messages contain the information needed in legal investigations and data integrity is important for it to be considered viable evidence. Archived emails include a clear audit trail, documenting any modifications to messages, ensuring compliance to regulations. 

Archiving not only protects the intellectual property represented by email, it makes email management in general easier, improving productivity and performance.

After a cyber-incident, email messages are one factor in the investigation process, so as a result it is crucial email data is stored safely, without being altered.


ArcTitan - The Email Archiving Solution for Education

  • A powerful and flexible cloud based solution to meet all your Email Archiving needs
  • Quick, User-Friendly Archive Search and Recovery
  • Unlimited cloud based email archiving including inbound/outbound/internal email, folders, calendar and contacts
  • Comprehensive Policy based archiving, including customizable retention periods and policies based on user, content and attachments plus many more
  • Email Discovery - Easy email, file, contact based search and retrieval
  • Full Email Audit Capabilities
  • Outlook plug in - allow users search their archive from their Outlook clients.


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