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Office 365 Email Encryption

Email Encryption in Office 365 is important for organisations to ensure that an email message can be safely sent without the content of the email being disclosed or tampered with.

End-to-end email encryption provides an additional layer of defense in organisations to prevent potential data loss and for legal compliance. Emails are encrypted by the sender and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient on their device.

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Why Encrypt Office 365 Emails?

The top three reasons why organisations are encrypting email messages in office 365 include:


The introduction of data regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA Compliance means that organisations must now be critically aware of the management of data for compliances reasons. Failure to comply can be extremely harmful to an organisations financial and brand reputation. Organisation should encrypt Office 365 emails for the following compliance reasons:

  • To comply with legislations and avoid fines and penalties.
  • Reporting to authorities
  • Data breach prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Encryption in Office 365 ensures that’s data is not distributed unlawfully. An email encryption solution prevents data loss by:

  • stops employees sharing unsecured data
  • stops employee misuse of email

Brand Protection

Protecting your brand is critical for an organisation when it comes to data safeguarding. Losing the trust of clients because due to a data breach can be devastating for an organisation, hence email encryption for office 365 is essential for brand protection, an email encryption solution ensures:

  • Safeguarding of private information of the organisation and clients data
  • Avoiding litigation and bad press associated with the organisation
  • Customer trust
  • Full traceability of emails sent and read

Nevertheless, email encryption is extremely important for protecting organisations private data. Recently, the Microsoft Office 365 service has added email encryption to its offering. However, similar to a lot of Office 365 services, a 3rd party solution is more reliable and robust than Microsoft internal email encryption.

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Why use a 3rd Party Email Encryption with Office 365?

Email encryption has recently been added to the Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) service offering, in order to allow users to encrypt sensitive emails and attachments. However the office 365 message encryption service has its drawbacks and may not suit every organisation or user.

  • Decryption with Office 365

Office 365 email encryption is simple to set up and simple to send encrypted messages with OME, however, users have complained that the decryption of messages is complex for the recipients. Recipients of encrypted emails are required to pay for a TLS connection.

EncryptTitan is used as a secure message center, which enables a simple and straightforward process of sending and receiving encrypted emails.

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  • License Limitations

Office 365 users can only use OME as long as they are using Office 365 Plan E3, Plan E5 or have an Azure Protection license. Whereas EncryptTitan is suitable for all Office 365 users and can integrate with Google S-Suite.

  • Viewing Encryption Messages

In OME, to view an encrypted message, Office 365 users has to receive a code to the same email address, many users fee; that this process splits the encrypted message into two emails.

Whereas EncryptTitan uses an advanced, secure portal to send and receive messages in Office 365.

  • Configuration Controls & Auditing

EncryptTitan office 365 users have full access to configuration, notifications and auditing including:

  • Read receipts
  • Message recall functionality
  • Full email auditing – view who read, printed, saved, deleted and replied to the encrypted email.

OME’s configuration functionality is not as advanced as EncryptTitan, in particular, lacks the ability to fully audit emails.

  • Setup and Migration

EncryptTitan offers a dedicated concierge setup for Office 365 users and integrates with Outlook and Google G-Suite. Full 24/7 support is available throughout the POS and after sales technical support, this is not available in OME.


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