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Barracuda Email Protection Advanced Pricing and SpamTitan Comparison

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Barracuda Email Protection Advanced Pricing and SpamTitan Comparison

When choosing an effective email protection solution, many elements must be evaluated; pricing is one of the essential elements in that choice. SpamTitan pricing and features are designed to be highly competitive compared to Barracuda Email Protection, helping you to establish your IT budgetary needs in advance. Here is a pricing comparison between Barracuda Email Protection and SpamTitan and what you get for your money. 

Barracuda Email Protection Pricing Model

Barracuda pricing is split into three tiers:

  • Advanced
  • Premium
  • Premium Plus

Each tier has an increasing price and additional features and functionality. The basic package, Advanced Email Protection, starts at $6.86 per user per month for 15 users. In comparison, SpamTitan pricing is $1.95 per user per month based on an annual purchase for 25 users.

SpamTitan pricing levels for 100 business users:

  • $214.50 per month ($2.15 per user) or 
  • $2,340.00 per year

Cost-effective and tailored packages are available for MSPs.

Pricing is one consideration, but a comparison of features is essential in making a good decision on which email security solution to purchase. SpamTitan and Barracuda Email Protection Advanced, have some features in common, but SpamTitan has many features above and beyond the Barracuda Advanced offering. Below is a comparison between the two solutions to help in your evaluation.

Spam Filtering Capability

Both SpamTitan and Barracuda, Email Protection Advanced, tick the capabilities boxes for the following:

  • Spam and Malware Protection
  • Attachment Protection
  • Link Protection
  • Email Continuity
  • Phishing and Impersonation Protection
  • Account Takeover Protection

The Advanced level tier of the Barracuda solution may have the above features in common with SpamTitan. Still, to achieve the protection SpamTitan delivers in its baseline pricing, an organization would need to upgrade to the more costly Barracuda Premium and Premium Plus to get those extra features.

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What Do You Get with Barracuda Email Protection Premium and Premium Plus?

The following two Barracuda tiers available are Barracuda Premium and Premium Plus. These tiers come at an additional cost but provide extra layers of email protection:

Barracuda Premium

  • SIEM/SOAR/XDR Integration
  • Threat Hunting and Response
  • Automated Workflows
  • Email Encryption
  • Data Loss Prevention

Barracuda Premium Plus

All the Premium features plus:

  • Attack Simulation
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Cloud Archiving
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
  • Data InspectorTM (Scans OneDrive and SharePoint for malicious files and sensitive data)

SpamTitan Out-of-the-Box Features 

SpamTitan out-of-the-box features provide extended email security at no additional cost or need to upgrade. These features include the following:

  • Machine learning for advanced threat detection 
  • Data Loss Prevention and outbound email scanning
  • Extended email scanning and filtering based on custom configurations
  • Email Encryption
  • Verification of read receipts
  • Real-time analysis and administration
  • Blocking based on geographic location and regions
  • Filtering of suspicious attachments and file types
  • Quarantining of suspicious messages for further administrator review
  • Anti-spoofing technology
  • Multiple layers of phishing detection, including machine learning and artificial intelligence

SpamTitan pricing may be lower than Barracuda spam filtering, but the innovation and reliability of email security and filtering remain exceptional. Customer reviews and awards are evidence of this, with SpamTitan awarded "High Performer" in Fall 2023 by G2. 

Email Security for Service Providers

Barracuda Email Protection is an email filtering and security solution for enterprise customers. As a modern, feature-rich solution to email security, Barracuda utilizes machine learning to identify, then quarantine, email-based threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing, spam, and other common email-borne attacks.

SpamTitan is also an email filtering and security solution for enterprise customers. SpamTitan is also deliverable as an as-a-service via an MSP for the SMB.

What are People Saying About SpamTitan and Barracuda Email Security?

Customer reviews are a great source of external, validated feedback. Various organizations collate this feedback, including G2, Capterra, and Gartner. SpamTitan is also consistently chosen as a top alternative to Barracuda Email Security based on user experience. The example below shows how SpamTitan wins out over Barracuda.

Capterra data

Using customer feedback to help evaluate a product is a valuable tool; SpamTitan is the number one Barracuda Essentials alternative proven to be more cost effective while continuing to deliver advanced threat detection and filtering. TitanHQ works closely with MSPs who feel confident moving from Barracuda to SpamTitan for advanced features at an affordable price for the SMB. MSPs can smoothly integrate SpamTitan into their stack to offer an enterprise-grade email security service at a lower cost to improve their return on investment.

Why are MSPs Choosing SpamTitan over Barracuda for their Clients?

Barracuda Pricing Model: The base pricing tier for Barracuda Email Security is significantly higher than SpamTitan.

Support: MSPs need collaborative help to get their clients the best out of a product. MSP and customer reviews indicate that Barracuda’s support options are lower quality than SpamTitan. TitanHQ prides itself on providing 24/7 exceptional support and is recognized as offering some of the best support in the email security industry. While Barracuda and SpamTitan are leaders in email security delivery, SpamTitan provides better support and delivery options for MSPs: having high levels of collaborative support from an email security vendor is essential for any MSP wishing to offer best-in-class support and security to their customers; without this level of support an MSP’s brand could suffer.

Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention: Sophisticated methods are used by cybercriminals to evade detection by conventional email security solutions. These advanced cyber-threats to email systems mean that detection must utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). SpamTitan provides machine learning capabilities out-of-the-box at baseline pricing. Barracuda Email Security Advanced offers AI-powered advanced Phishing Protection (ATO, BEC, VIP attacks) as an additional feature at a higher price.

Threat Intelligence for Effective Email Filtering: SpamTitan can utilize threat intelligence from a corpus of over 650 million users; this intelligence is used to detect spam and verify accounts against real-time phishing analysis. This massive database of current and emerging threats ensures that email filtering is accurate and effective.

A critical differentiator between MSP support between Barracuda and TitanHQ is that TitanHQ’s solutions were created by MSPs for MSPs. This design remit ensures that MSP client support and management is excellent and allows for greater control and security across multiple clients. Barracuda places a focus on direct Enterprise sales.

Book a demo now to see why SpamTitan is the number one alternative to Barracuda Email Protection. Discover how SpamTitan's competitive pricing and advanced features can meet your email security needs.

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What Does an Email Protection Solution Do?

According to 65% of respondents in The Ponemon Institute report on email security, email is a repository of sensitive data. Email protection or email security solutions are used to scan emails as they enter mail servers; email security scanners detect potential threats in email content or attachments, and the email security system then quarantines those threats. Email security is an essential part of 21st-century business life as it helps to stop the complex web of email-borne threats, including phishing, malware, and links to malicious websites, from harming your organization. Security solutions filter and scan emails via virus, scanning tools, real-time analysis, spam scoring, reputation checks, and URL protection.

Phishing attacks are rising, both in-house and in the remote working environment. A robust and effective email security solution that utilizes advanced technologies such as machine learning and AI is essential to stop ransomware, malware, zero-day attacks, and other advanced threats such as Business Email Compromise (BEC).

SpamTitan for Service Providers

SpamTitan's history of protecting enterprise email services goes back to 1999. TitanShield is an MSP program that provides an MSP with the tools to deliver world-class email security, including intelligent email gateway, spam prevention, and DLP. TitanShield is based on a SaaS model designed for use with help from MSPs. 

Any MSP that becomes a TitanHQ “Certified Partner” benefits from TitanHQ's marketing expertise. Partner levels vary and cover Silver to Titan; each partner level has access to the award-winning TitanHQ security solutions, SpamTitan, and DNS Filtering, plus:

  • Silver: Includes channel account manager and co-branded solutions
  • Gold: Includes Silver package plus marketing and leads
  • Platinum: As Gold plus partner advisory board and beta testing
  • Titan: All the above plus winners’ circle trip

MSPs use SpamTitan to protect customers from email-borne cyber-attacks using advanced email filtering.

SpamTitan uses a layered security approach to threat detection and spam filtering. These layers include the following:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • Domain-based Message Authentication
  • Reporting & Conformance (DMARC)
  • Real-time Blackhole List (RBLs)
  • Bayesian Analysis 

SpamTitan provides sandboxing to quarantine suspicious messages and stop them from reaching user inboxes. Administrators can custom configure in-depth analysis to manage messages with suspicious links and zero-day threats.

Why Do MSPs Prefer SpamTitan over Barracuda Email Security Advanced?

Easy Configuration: SpamTitan is designed to be centrally deployed and managed as a service. Working with MSPs to develop the delivery components has meant that SpamTitan is easily configured, organized, and controlled by the MSP, even with multiple clients.

Advanced Detection: SpamTitan gives MSPs advanced AI and Real-time detection capability with baseline pricing. This is only available with Barracuda when upgrading to Premium and Premium Plus.

Highly Scalable: SpamTitan supports unlimited users and domains; administrators can be unique to each domain. Higher cost tiers are required for this capability in Barracuda Email Security.

Upgrade Path: SpamTitan offers an MSP and easy upgrade path when moving from another email security solution. 

Zero-Day Threats: AI is needed to cover zero-day threat detection and protection from malware. SpamTitan uses AI out-of-the-box at baseline pricing, but Barracuda requires an upgrade to higher-cost tiers.

Granular Reporting: SpamTitan has highly granular reporting needed for MSP client management. SpamTitan reporting is on a per-domain basis.

Cost-Effective Pricing Models: TitanHQ offers a flexible pricing model that fits an MSP's requirements and business needs.

Domain Separation: Administrators can manage their environment using domain separation inherent in SpamTitan for MSPs.

With SpamTitan, MSPs can offer their clients advanced and comprehensive email security and spam filtering out-of-the-box without upgrading to expensive tiers to deliver enterprise-class, effective email security.

Book a demo now to see why SpamTitan is the number one alternative to Barracuda Email Protection. Discover how SpamTitan's competitive pricing and advanced features can meet your email security needs.

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