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With 10 million paying customers, Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) is the world's most widely used digital office productivity solution. Whether you’re a startup, an SMB, or a multinational corporation, you most likely use Workspace for work. But, according to multiple cybersecurity researchers, Workspace, especially Gmail, is particularly susceptible to data theft and security breaches because of a design flaw. 

DeleFriend or not, you cannot underestimate cyber security threats that can have a potentially debilitating impact on your business operations. Any Workspace setup has multiple digital touchpoints that spammers can use to breach defenses.

TitanHQ’s robust anti-spam solution, SpamTitan can safeguard your inbox against advanced cyber security threats. In this guide, you’ll learn how SpamTitan works with Google Workspace, its impact on G-suite email security, and how it empowers your IT team to keep a hawk’s eye on your digital safety. 

Did You Know?


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How SpamTitan Works with Google Workspace 

SpamTitan is a cloud-based email security solution that can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud for varying levels of spam detection. It works by intercepting emails sent to your Workspace email accounts and quarantining them for a holistic threat check for spam, viruses, malware, and malicious links

How does it work with Google Workspace?

You need to set GSuite MX as the destination server in SpamTitan to seamlessly deploy it as an anti-spam solution for your Workspace email accounts.  When you receive an email, it will be directed to SpamTitan Cloud for inspection. Clean emails will then be forwarded to your organization’s mail server, which, in the case of Google Workspace, will be facilitated by your Workspace MX. Once the Workspace MX receives these “safe” emails from the SpamTitan server, it can direct the emails, free of threat, to the intended recipients. 

But host domains can have multiple MX records

To make SpamTitan work, delete any pre-existing MX records for your domain except for Workspace MX. Since it’s already a prerequisite for activating Gmail with Workspace, deploying SpamTitan should neither be complex nor time-consuming — your Workspace MX will already be in place. It should not take more than thirty minutes to one hour to deploy SpamTitan with Google Workspace. 

Once the set-up is complete, SpamTitan acts as the gateway between incoming email and your Workspace inbox, providing sophisticated multilayered protection against spam. You do not require specialized cybersecurity expertise to integrate SpamTitan with Google Workspace. There is no need for additional hardware or software to deploy the solution. As long as your domain admin/owner has updated the MX record and all active email accounts are linked to your Google Workspace, SpamTitan will do its job. 

One typical way data is exposed via email is by accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient. This was found to be a prevalent security problem in healthcare and financial services.

Why Choose SpamTitan for Google Workspace Email Security

Cyber debt (the gap between cybersecurity and cyber-dependent innovations) is at its tipping point. Cybercriminals have exploited this opportunity, leveraging sophisticated tactics like business email compromise (BEC), zero-day attacks, spear phishing, and whaling attacks. Email accounts linked to your Google Workspace are easily susceptible to cyber criminals.

Although Google has introduced Zero Trust capabilities to Workspace, access to these cyber security features is subject to terms and conditions. Premium features also come at a steep cost. If you have many employees or run an educational facility, purchasing these features for every user might not be financially viable. 

You need an affordable but modern anti-spam alternative to integrate into your IT security framework for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). SpamTitan, built with enterprises and educational institutions in mind, takes a multilayered approach to Workspace email security. It stands out from generic anti-spam solutions because:

It’s Versatile 

You get a 3-in-1 solution that helps boost security, provide protection, and filters your emails. 

It maintains 6 RBLs (Real Time Blocklists) and utilizes Bayesian Unlearning to strengthen its spam detection capabilities. Because of this, SpamTitan can provide advanced levels of granularity even in a cloud setup. 

In addition, the anti-spam solution uses hardcore predictive analysis and double anti-virus protection. It keeps your Workspace email accounts safe from even new-age spam threats that might be undetectable otherwise. 

You get protection against: 

In addition, SpamTitan protects against email spoofing to prevent identity and data theft. Its machine learning algorithms, bolstered by Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC), can correctly identify malicious emails impersonating CXOs or employees. It flags and blocks such emails to curb spoofing incidents. 

That’s not all - SpamTitan also boasts advanced Sandboxing that allows your IT team to check every incoming email and attachment for malware, malicious URLs, codes, etc. It offers a safe and secure simulated environment for “detonating” spam or spyware.  Apart from handling inbound emails, this SaaS-based anti-spam scans all outbound emails for a cyber health check. By doing so, it reduces the possibility of your emails and IPs from getting marked as spam or blocked by others outside your organization. 

It’s Highly Effective 

SpamTitan secure email gateway protects against the most common cyber security threats that affect Google Workspace Gmail accounts. It has an industry-best 99.9% spam catch rate, so the probability of a false positive is almost nil.

It leverages AI-ML-driven advanced scanning to detect anomalies in inbound emails, preventing attempts at phishing and whaling. The feature-rich solution utilizes innovative GEO blocking to detect threats from locations and IPs infamous for sending ransomware, viruses, malware, and malicious links to trigger data security breaches. 

You also get access to built-in blocklisting, greylisting, and allowlisting capabilities that can be customized for individual Workspace users and domains. 

It’s Easy to Use 

SpamTitan has a user-friendly GUI and is intuitive. It is a no-maintenance anti-spam software solution that auto-updates itself, besides being easy to deploy and configure.  The solution is scalable and can be adapted to suit the unique needs of start-ups, micro-businesses, small businesses, lower mid-size businesses, medium-sized businesses, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), and lower to upper mid-market enterprises.

Choose from LDAP, SQL server, POP3, IMAP, and two-factor authentication methods to strengthen your email security. The solution is available in German, English, French, Irish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Spam quarantine reports are generated daily to help you and your IT team take stock of SpamTitan’s performance. You can study these reports to understand if your Workspace is attracting any unique cybersecurity threats or repeated attempts at breach from any specific geographical location. The data generated in these reports can help your IT team devise and deploy newer and better cyber safety measures in the future. 

It also has excellent customer support and TitanHQ is renowned for its focus on supporting customers with a 98% customer satisfaction rate in 2022. TitanHQ is committed to providing the best service and goes above and beyond for our customers.

It’s Affordable 

Competitive pricing with a 15-day free trial is a crucial differentiator for SpamTitan. Unlike similar SaaS-based anti-spam solutions available in the market, it provides advanced protection at affordable prices. 

Say No to Spam 

Innovative cyber security threats call for equally innovative digital safety solutions to detect and nip problems in the bud. SpamTitan understands the need for a well-balanced, structurally robust, and operationally resilient anti-spam solution that can be seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace. 

That’s why it leverages technology and human learning equally to create anti-spam software that’s advanced, adaptable, and scalable. It provides the highest level of email security and protection on a budget because quality should not come at a hefty price. 

To learn more about SpamTitan or other cybersecurity solutions from TitanHQ, book a free demo today.  

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