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SafeTitan vs. Alternatives Cofense and KnowBe4

Human error and phishing are popular methods to hack into corporate networks, install ransomware, steal data, or carry out scams such as Business Email Compromise. However, security awareness training has been shown to work to stop human-centric cyber-attacks and accidental data exposure: a blog from the Aberdeen Group gives a view of the power of providing effective security awareness:

“reduction in risk of about 50%; a median annual return on investment of about 5-times; and a reduction in the “long tail” of risk from phishing attacks of more than 2.5 times.”

But how do you choose an effective security awareness training solution? Three market leaders in the security awareness training space stand out: Cofense, KnowBe4, and SafeTitan. Here is why SafeTitan, an innovative behavior-driven solution, leaves the alternatives Cofense and KnowBe4 on the starting tracks.


Security awareness training is about changing negative security behavior into positive and knowledgeable attitudes that prevent security accidents and cyber-attacks. Therefore, security awareness training must address the behavior of employees. SafeTitan is designed to use behavior-driven awareness training to change poor security patterns and create a security-first mindset throughout your organization. SafeTitan uses cutting-edge behavioral research as the basis for the SafeTitan solution:

  • Specific behaviors of individual employees are used to tailor training.
  • Contextual learning helps to cement learning.
  • Real-time behavior tracking provides learning opportunities to show what could happen in real life if the employee continued with this behavior.
  • Behavior can be monitored over time to optimize security awareness programs on an individual basis.
  • Vast array of phishing templates available to ensure that your phishing simulations are tailored and reflect the cyber-security landscape.
  • Learning Management system (LMS) to manage security awareness campaigns.

SafeTitan is part of a comprehensive suite of solutions from TitanHQ that together form a defense-in-depth approach to human-centric cyber-attacks.

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KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training is an alternative to SafeTitan and Cofense PhishMe. KnowBe4 provides security awareness educational material and a simulated phishing platform. In addition, KnowBe4 provides around 2,000 phishing templates to test employees' vulnerability to social engineering and phishing attacks. Like SafeTitan, alternative KnowBe4 provides a Learning Management system (LMS) to manage security awareness campaigns. KnowBe4 has a Module Store that contains training content available in the KnowBe4 platform. Social Engineering tests can also be automated using KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training and sent to employees using email, text, or voicemail.

Cofense PhishMe

Cofense PhishMe is an alternative to KnowBe4 and SafeTitan. PhishMe is designed to train employees and test their knowledge of social engineering attacks, including phishing. Cofense provides tracking capability to track user training outcomes over time. In addition, Cofense PhishMe provides a phishing reporting tool that generates report emails with a single click. The user interface for Cofense PhishMe is simple to use and reduces training needs when using the platform. Cofense integrates with Microsoft Azure to provide Active Directory (AD) integration.

Cofense PhishMe does not yet provide an extensive set of templates. Also, social engineering tests are more challenging to automate than KnowBe4 or SafeTitan.

Comparison of SafeTitan, Cofense, and KnowBe4

All three security awareness solutions provide exceptional features and functions, but the devil is in the detail. Below is a table showing some of the features of Cofense PhishMe, KnowBe4 and SafeTitan

SafeTitan alternatives

Cost of SafeTitan, Cofense, and KnowBe4

Choosing the right security awareness solution for your company is essential, but it takes much thought to select the perfect solution for your enterprise, especially if there are comparable features. However, price counts and cost-effectiveness is an essential aspect of product choice. Here is a look at the comparative costs of SafeTitan and alternatives Cofense PhishMe and KnowBe4:

SafeTitan alternatives


Why choose SafeTitan over alternatives Cofense and KnowBe4

Cybercriminals focus on behavior when creating scams, so the behavior of employees is what security awareness training must focus on. When choosing between SafeTitan and alternatives Cofense and KnowBe4 consider this:

Is the solution behavior-driven by design: SafeTitan was designed by a behavioral scientist to create powerful, responsive educational material. This includes real-time contextual training.

Can the solution support contextual training: individuals learn by creating mind maps that are connected to educational materials. SafeTitan uses contextual training during simulated phishing campaigns to create context that simulates a real phishing attack and helps to cement learning.

Does the solution provide a vast range of phishing templates: phishing in the real-world is ever-changing. Fraudsters continually change tactics and phishing content to evade security-aware employees. Only by having a vast number of phishing templates, as provided by SafeTitan, can an enterprise keep up with real-world phishing. Also, having a wide range of phishing templates allows for more customizable phishing simulations. 

Is the solution cost-effective: security awareness training must be cost-effective. The training package should also offer options that scale with your business. For example, SafeTitan provides a managed service or is available from a managed service provider (MSP) through cost-effective payment plans.

Behavior-driven security awareness training empowers employees and prevents cyber-attacks; sign up for a SafeTitan demo today.

Protect your business or clients from phishing threats. See how SafeTitan works in a free demo.

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