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Comparing Security Awareness Training Solutions: SafeTitan vs Mimecast Awareness Training

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Comparing Security Awareness Training Solutions: SafeTitan vs Mimecast Awareness Training

The threat landscape is always evolving, with new attacks continually rearing their ugly heads. As 95% of all cyber security breaches are primarily due to human error, so educating employees is essential to your cybersecurity posture. Managed service providers must help protect their clients from the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape where new zero-day threats are introduced every day.  

Four thousand new ransomware threats are released every day, and this type of malware is the primary payload unleashed on a corporate network after employees fall victim to a phishing attack. To help reduce the risk of ransomware, phishing, and other threats, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) must introduce a comprehensive security training strategy. Security awareness training empowers employees to recognize email-based threats and take the necessary steps to stop them.

Phishing and social engineering are more popular than ever, and these two threats have been the start of severe data breaches that cost organizations millions in litigation, incident response, investigations, compliance fines and penalties, and revenue loss from brand damage. It only takes one employee to fall victim to phishing or social engineering for a compromise to cost millions in reparations, so it’s critical for organizations and MSPs to take initiative and offer cybersecurity awareness training.

Cybersecurity awareness training comes in several forms, but ineffective training is a waste of corporate budgets and gives corporations a false sense of security. Every solution should educate employees on the warning signs of a malicious threat and how to deal with it.  Ineffective training has the same result as no training at all, and it can be used against employees to further trick them into divulging sensitive data in a phishing or social engineering attack. SafeTitan is an effective solution developed by experts, and it’s a proven product trusted by corporations and MSPs.

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training

Why MSPs should use Security Awareness Training Solutions

As more corporations fall victim to large data breaches, consumers are more aware that their data is exposed and could be a target for identity theft. Corporations need MSPs to help them defend against phishing and other email-based threats, and an MSP that offers security awareness training gives these companies a better risk management solution. By giving customers a better way to reduce risks, MSPs give themselves a competitive advantage. Not only is security awareness training good for the corporation, it’s also beneficial for corporate users unaware of the ways common threats work.

Cybersecurity awareness training educates users on identifying the many threats that target human errors. Most threats work with phishing as a means to compromise an organization’s environment and deliver malware payloads including keyloggers, eavesdropping programs, and ransomware. In other scenarios, a phishing email might include an embedded link used to trick recipients into clicking it and downloading malware or divulging sensitive information such as their corporate user credentials.

MSPs need a solution to continually change cybersecurity awareness training strategies to integrate the evolving landscape common in the cybersecurity industry. User training is a continual effort where users should be educated on the latest threats and get additional training throughout the year. For some organizations, training is a yearly effort to ensure that employees are aware of the newest threats in the wild.

A few benefits MSPs get with security awareness training:

  • Customers report fewer incidents, which reduces support overhead.
  • Better risk management and lowered cyber-risks overall.
  • Fewer incidents and support calls provide a better return on investment.

SafeTitan vs Mimecast Awareness Training

SafeTitan and Mimecast Awareness Training are both leading security awareness training solutions on the market. MSPs can offer both, but SafeTitan offers several advantages that can’t be found with other solutions.

Features Comparison

Before an MSP decides which security strategy to choose, we have a list of feature comparisons to help understand the foundational differences between SafeTitan and Mimecast Awareness Training.

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training vs Mimecast

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training

SafeTitan is the Ideal Solution for MSPs

Incorporating SafeTitan into your security strategy has several advantages over competitors,  and security awareness training greatly reduces the risk of employees and MSP customers from becoming the next victim of a phishing attack. Security awareness training empowers employees to recognize attacks, avoid becoming a victim, and educates them on the best course of action. For many organizations, security awareness training provides a way for employees to be a part of data loss protection, and employees have ways to report a suspicious attack for further administrator review.

Choosing SafeTitan brings several advantages for administrators working with on-premises employees, remote workers, or staff that uses cloud resources.  It’s also beneficial for MSPs that must secure their clients’ environments to avoid cybersecurity incidents.

Several benefits MSPs and IT administrators get with SafeTitan:

SafeTitan is the Ideal Solution for MSPs

Ease of Use

SafeTitan is ideal for both MSPs and small business end-users thanks to its efficient setup and user-friendly interface. When it comes to security, there’s no time to waste – and with SafeTitan you can eliminate unnecessary delays. Administrators can set up SafeTitan within minutes and start training employees immediately. Immediate deployment means that administrators can find human vulnerabilities quickly so that these employees can receive training to recognize threats.

Seamless Integration

Stand out from the competition with security awareness training that integrates directly to your IT business model. MSPs can integrate SafeTitan without requiring clients to change their standard business practices, which means MSPs get very little pushback on security training. SafeTitan integrates seamlessly with Microsoft solutions common in an enterprise environment and what most users are familiar with. It integrates with Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Azure Active Directory (AD), Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), Single Sign-On (SSO), and Google Suite.

Behavior Driven

Instead of using static templates common with other providers, SafeTitan gives MSPs and administrators a unique way to engage users and analyze results. Security awareness training should mold the way corporations do business, and SafeTitan allows MSPs to kickstart security awareness training based on the specific user behaviors of each individual employee, making an MSP’s process more personal, effective, and engaging. Engaging employees is SafeTitan’s primary goal, but behavior-driven analytics lets administrators find the weakest link in cybersecurity and identify additional training opportunities to help solve the issue.

Developed by Experts

SafeTitan is developed and delivered by the global security experts at TitanHQ, but our training courses are user-friendly and accessible to everyone – no matter your level of experience. The cybersecurity landscape is always changing, and TitanHQ created our SafeTitan tool to account for today’s threats and prepare users to recognize tomorrow’s zero-day threats. SafeTitan is built for flexibility so that MSPs and administrators can customize their training to fit businesses and their goals. Every users needs a different level of training, and SafeTitan makes it easy for businesses to quickly integrate security awareness training with analytics that helps them determine their level of cybersecurity education across their entire environment including executives, vendors, third-party contractors, and anyone else with access to corporate data.

Partner Program

The TitanShield MSP Program allows managed service providers to take advantage of TitanHQ's proven technology so that they can sell, implement, and deliver our advanced network security solutions directly to their client base. All TitanHQ products are built with MSPs as a framework for support and enterprise security. Whether an MSP has five employees or five thousand employees, all TitanHQ products including SafeTitan and our TitanShield partner program fit into your everyday customer solutions. Not only are TitanHQ products easily integrated into your MSP environment, but MSPs have world-class support to help them get started selling cybersecurity solutions and installing data protection on their client environments.


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SafeTitan Security Awareness Training

Pricing Comparison

Hear from SafeTitan Customers

“If you are looking for a diverse cybersecurity training platform, then look no further, SafeTitan is the tool to use. With the simple ease-of-use, I can set up my whole year of security training in a day or two, and know that it will execute without fail. We should have used this a long time ago.” John D., Software Engineer

“SafeTitan reduces security risks by creating end-user awareness of critical security threats such as phishing emails. It can tailor the training specific to the employee’s needs, rather than training the whole organisation. Reporting employee security training is perfect for compliance requirements.” Marie T., CEO

“One of the best awareness training tools I have seen and used. One of the benefits that I loved was the fact that I did not have to make any change to my current environment to get the software running, as everything is Cloud based. For us it was really important that the solution catered for more than just phishing.” Paul. P, CEO

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