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Security Awareness Training Pricing

Security awareness training (SAT) is an essential component of any business's cybersecurity strategy. It educates employees about the risks of cyber-attacks, teaches them to recognize and avoid common threats, and promotes good security practices.

Without adequate security awareness training, employees may be more likely to fall for phishing scams, inadvertently download malware, or engage in other risky behaviors that can compromise the security of company data and systems.

By investing in SAT, businesses better protect themselves against cyber threats and reduce the risk of data breaches, financial losses, and damage to their reputation. Given the growing relevance of security awareness training, many solutions providers exist in the market. Choosing the right security awareness training solution partner can be challenging.

This article objectively compares SafeTitan, our comprehensive SAT solution, with two of its biggest competitors: Barracuda and Infosec IQ.

SafeTitan Vs Barracuda

Barracuda’s SAT solution is a cloud-based security training platform that helps organizations educate employees to identify and prevent cyber threats.

The platform offers a range of training modules, simulated phishing attacks, and personalized learning paths that can be customized to fit the specific needs of each organization.

Here is a detailed comparison of the two SAT offerings:

Key Features

SafeTitan and Barracuda Security Awareness Training provide similar key features, such as phishing simulationsecurity awareness training, and compliance support.

SafeTitan offers a more extensive list of features, including behavior-driven security awareness, gamification, real-time intervention training, cyber knowledge assessments, and protection from advanced email threats.

Barracuda’s SAT solution is part of a bigger cybersecurity strategy bundled with API-based inbox defense, incident response, and data protection solutions. In comparison, SafeTitan is a component of the holistic TitanHQ security platform.

Phishing Simulation

SafeTitan and Barracuda offer fully automated simulated phishing attacks with thousands of templates. SafeTitan has a regularly updated phishing template library, whereas Barracuda uses a massive threat database to create its templates.

Did You Know?

92% drop

in phishing susceptibility with SafeTitan


of employees share passwords

$10.5 trillion

estimated global cybercrime cost


of data breaches involved a human being

Security Awareness Training

SafeTitan and Barracuda provide extensive libraries of training courses, videos, and quizzes for employee behavior-driven training.

That said, SafeTitan's security awareness training is gamified, interactive, and enjoyable, with short and efficient testing. The training sessions only take 8 to 10 minutes.

Compliance and Compatibility

SafeTitan and Barracuda help companies comply with various regulations, including ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, Cyber Essentials, and others.

SafeTitan is SCORM compliant and LMS compatible. Barracuda includes ready-to-launch training designed by its experts, making it easy for your organization to meet regulations, fight security risks, and remain secure 24/7.

Reporting and Metrics

SafeTitan offers enterprise-level reporting, so you can see the ROI and get a 360 view of the entire organization. Reports on security awareness training and phishing simulations are easily digestible for management via intuitive dashboards.

Barracuda captures thousands of data points and provides detailed trend analytics, benchmarking statistics, customizable reports, and dashboards. It also generates detailed metrics on user behavior to assess your security risks and inform your training approach.

Overall, both SafeTitan and Barracuda offer comprehensive SAT solutions. SafeTitan has a more extensive list of features, while Barracuda provides a complete solution that delivers SAT within a comprehensive security strategy.

Companies should evaluate their needs and requirements to choose the best solution for their enterprise.

SafeTitan offers fully automated simulated phishing attacks with a library of templates, which can reduce staff susceptibility to phishing by up to 92%.

SafeTitan Vs Infosec IQ

Infosec IQ is a SAT platform that provides a range of tools and resources to educate and engage employees and improve an organization's overall cybersecurity culture.

Here's a comparison of the two offerings:

Security Awareness Training Content

Infosec IQ has a series called Work Bytes, which features characters that encounter common cyber threats and teach coworkers to recognize and avoid them. They also provide extensive collections of training modules, assessments, and other resources.

SafeTitan provides employee behavior-driven training with extensive training courses, videos, and quizzes. Cyber knowledge assessments also test key security and compliance best practices.

Phishing Simulations

Infosec IQ provides phishing tests to measure risk and deliver training when someone clicks a simulated phishing link.

SafeTitan offers fully automated simulated phishing attacks with a library of templates, which can reduce staff susceptibility to phishing by up to 92%.


Infosec IQ provides tools to measure the success of the security awareness program, track trends, and identify knowledge gaps. SafeTitan provides reports on training and phishing simulations. While both provide tools for reporting and compliance, SafeTitan has more comprehensive compliance coverage.

Overall, Infosec IQ and SafeTitan differ in their approach to training content and their emphasis on behavior-driven training and protection from advanced email threats. SafeTitan is also more geared explicitly toward MSPs.

Key Differentiators of SafeTitan

While similarities between SafeTitan, Barracuda, and Infosec IQ offerings likely extend across the breadth of SAT solutions in the market, SafeTitan truly sets itself apart on two fronts:

SafeTitan offers a simple set-up and migration process and world-class customer support. It caters to businesses of all sizes, as well as MSPs, and its ease of use and integration is a core strength.

TitanHQ is a powerful Barracuda alternative for your cybersecurity needs. If you're looking for protection for your organization's email, check out our Barracuda Essentials alternative page.

Geraldine Hunt

Geraldine Hunt


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