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Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Sector

We develop web security solutions for healthcare institutions across the globe. You’re working with a team who understand key areas such as the need for robust security, handling of sensitive patient information and regulatory standards and laws i.e. HIPAA. Healthcare as a sector has been the target of a number of high profile hacking and phishing attacks. The healthcare industry has become an increasingly popular target in 2017 due to medical devices with weak security and the use of legacy IT systems.

Key Product Features


Protect guest networks with the same level of security as your LAN.


Get up and running quickly, staying compliant and safe while delivering great care.


Our on-premise and cloud based products offer protection against the threats healthcare organizations face from email and Internet usage.


TitanHQ solutions allow you to balance maintaining security, compliance and HIPAA requirements.


Extensive drill down reporting on all solutions. These reports can be scheduled, or exported in multiple formats.


World class support - we are renowned for our focus on supporting customers.

Secure BYOD

BYOD has created security concerns for many hospitals. With WebTitan providing a safe browsing environment is simple .

Tried & Tested

Used by 100’s of hospitals worldwide.

What our customers say

This is an absolutely great product. It is currently being used on our network and I haven't had an issue with it. The interface is simple and easy to navigate through. This program offers an exceptional level of security with blocking unnecessary emails that could be malicious.

CJ Davis, Systems Network Administrator Healthcare Sector

SpamTitan eliminates at least 99.8% of our spam with no false positives. SpamTitan is also extremely fast, scalable, very easy to operate and has all the features a company needs to have a safe e-mail service with a low cost.

Jesse Gusmao, Systems Network Administrator Sociedade Hospital Samaritano, Brazil

Here’s the awesome thing, we haven’t had to contact support yet! Everything works so great I haven’t had any problems. There is a connect to support option on the device in case we need it so the technician can remote and assist which is amazing! Without a doubt consider TitanHQ, we did our research and it proved to be the best fit. We are extremely happy.

Jonathan Strader, Systems Network Administrator Thermocopy of Tennessee Inc, US

WebTitan for Healthcare

Advanced Web Content Filtering. Can be deployed as a gateway or cloud based solution.

Why is WebTitan perfect for Healthcare?

  • Flexible Pricing to suit your models
  • Internet Policy Compliance - granular policy engine, by user or group, bandwidth and time
  • 100% cloud-based solution
  • All mobile devices are supported: Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices
  • Web filtering can be hosted with a health system’s infrastructure
  • Internet Content Filtering for a Hospital WiFi Service Provided in Multiple Locations
  • No limit on the number of routers, hotspots, or WiFi networks
  • Internet access logs maintained for auditing purposes
  • Block the downloading of specific file attachments (E.g. exe, scr, bat)
  • A major competitor to Cisco Umbrella in the healthcare vertical
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SpamTitan for Healthcare

Comprehensive Email Anti-Spam Solution. Can be deployed as a gateway or cloud based solution.

Why is SpamTitan perfect for Healthcare?

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ArcTitan for Healthcare

ArcTitan Email Archiving. Cloud based email archiving built for business

Why is ArcTitan perfect for Healthcare?

  • A powerful and flexible cloud based solution to meet all your Email Archiving needs
  • Quick, User-Friendly Archive Search and Recovery
  • Unlimited cloud based email archiving including inbound/outbound/internal email, folders, calendar and contacts
  • Comprehensive Policy based archiving, including customizable retention periods and policies based on user, content and attachments plus many more
  • Email Discovery - Easy email, file, contact based search and retrieval
  • SuperFast Search™ – email compressed, Zipped, message de-duplication, attachment de-duplication
  • Outlook plug in - allow users search their archive from their Outlook clients.
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