Cloud Based Email Archiving 2020 Pricing Comparison Report

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Cloud Based Email Archiving 2020 Pricing Comparison Report

ArcTitan email archiving is a cloud-based email archiving solution that stores an identical copy of every mail sent or received by your users.  ArcTitan turns that data into a useful repository for everyday use.

Here is our cloud based email archiving pricing comparison report for 2020 to give you an idea of the investment you should be making. 

Cloud Based Email Archiving 2020 Pricing Comparison Report:

Email Archiving 2020 Pricing Comparison Report

Based on 250 users, correct as of 13/07/2020, VAT included, pricing screengrabs on request

Research sponsored by TitanHQ ArcTitan. ArcTitan is a cloud based email archiving solution that stores an identical copy of every mail ever sent or received by your users and turns that data into a useful repository for everyday use.

Email Archiving Pricing:

Monthly per user dollar pricing for email archiving cloud solutions is as follows:
ArcTitan email archiving cost: $2.80
Rackspace email archiving cost: $3.00
GFI Archiver cost: $3.05   
Barracuda Cloud Archiving: $3.99 
Mimecast Email Archiving Cost: $4.88
Proofpoint Email Archiving Cost: $5.58 

The Importance of Cloud Email Archiving

Legal cases today often involve e-discovery, or court orders to produce e-mails and any other electronic information that might be relevant. It's not only necessary to keep emails; they must be available on demand, so they must be stored in an easily searchable format.
Archiving email doesn't just assist a business in avoiding fines; it can provide a wealth of material for a business's legal team in an easy-to-access format.

What happens when you can’t find the mail to get out of jail?

Examples :

  • Coleman Holdings v. Morgan Stanley (Florida Cir. Ct) Court awarded 15 million dollars in fines for failure to comply with discovery obligations.
  • Zubulake v. USB Warburg (SDNY ) –$29 million damages awarded to plaintiff by jury for not locating and producing emails.

KEY TAKEAWAY - If you can't present requested emails in court, the fines can be substantial!

ArcTitan Cloud Email Artchiving for 0365 

Adding email archiving to Office 365 is a truly comprehensive approach that gives you all the familiar office productivity tools while addressing your email volumes by compressing, 
de-duplicating and encrypting every email that your organisation has ever sent or received. 
Implementing email archiving will not only give you a powerful and searchable archive, but also give you the compliance peace of mind. 

Does ArcTitan Email Archiving help us achieve GDPR compliance?

A cloud based email archiving solution like ArcTitan is key in achieving GDPR compliance. Since Q3 2017 we’ve seen a surge in businesses looking for a robust email archiving to meet the demand of the GDPR. The ability to find and remove a customer’s personal data is a key tenet of GDPR.  As the majority of a customer’s personal data sits in email, ArcTitan’s powerful and easy search and eDiscovery features facilitate finding these emails.This is a clear demonstration that your business is intent on achieving GDPR compliance. Try ArcTitan Email Archiving for free to see if it fits your needs. Talk to us today to arrange a demo or free trial.

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