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About Vade Secure

Vade Secure is a French company offering an email filtering service that integrates with Office365. Recently the company raised $79M in venture capital and are attempting to enter the MSP market. New to this space we thought it would be interesting to compare this new offering against our trusty SpamTitan for Service Providers. At a glance, there are similarities between the products, in that both are email filtering solutions that add a valuable security layer for Office 365 users however this is where the similarity ends. SpamTitan has many additional and necessary MSP focussed features and benefits that leave this comparison feeling decidedly one-sided.

MSP Focus

While Vade Secure is a good solution for Office365 at the customer level, for the MSP the lack of control, flexibility and management tools is problematic. Vade Secure’s sole experience is of the Telco Market and the current email filtering solution lacks any real MSP focus. In time it is likely they will grow the solution to incorporate some key MSP requirements but right now the solution is very much end user-focused.

What MSPs get from SpamTitan that’s missing in Vade Secure:

1. Configurability

With Vade Secure the inability to configure is a big downside for MSPs. The solution does not allow for custom rules, and instead, you have to use the exchange admin functionality baked into Office 365.

2. Multi-Tenancy

SpamTitan offers a multi-tenancy view of all customers with multiple management roles. This customer-wide view of the system provides the MSP with the means to monitor and evaluate your customer and trial base, letting you quickly evaluate the health of deployments, view security activity volumes across your entire base to quickly identify issues that require your attention. With Vade Secure you don’t have access to a customer-wide view of the system. With this comes the inability to integrate with PSAs or RMMs.

3. Customization

SpamTitan allows MSPs to create custom rules based on their own requirements to meet the needs of the various requirements of their particular customer base. Custom spam filter policies can be very granular and applied to specific users, groups, or domains. These customizations allow MSPs fine-tune their spam filtering policies at various levels to prevent false positives and false negatives. With SpamTitan MSPs can enable advanced spam filtering techniques if they want to pursue a more aggressive approach to spam filtering. With Vade everything is locked down and MPS cannot customize the solution to meet the needs of their customer.

4. Granular Reporting

SpamTitan offers considerable granularity on a per-domain, per group and group domain level. This granularity is not available with Vade Secure. With SpamTitan the MSP can run numerous performance reports on user group or domain level to help isolate any issue that may occur in order to form a diagnosis. With Vade Secure there is no visibility of the details of a spam email (the who, what, why & where is invisible to the MSP). With Vade Secure, the MSP no control or management capabilities to tweak effectiveness as required. There is also no Reporting to show what’s blocked for end users. With SpamTitan, MSPs have comprehensive visibility on system performance.

It’s vital for MSPs to be able to measure the effectiveness of the solutions provided, their recurring business is reliant on continued performance and customer satisfaction. With VadeSecure there is nothing for the MSPs to show customers how effective the solution is.

5. MSP must add value to generate margin and recurring revenue

The in-depth customization and flexibility SpamTitan offers mean an MSP can add value by offering superior management capabilities. With SpamTitan there is less admin-style work for the MSP allowing them build solutions building that offers SMBs efficiency and competitive value. For SMBs it’s much harder to part ways with a strategic partner than to switch IT providers. With Vade Secure there is no value add for the MSP – in this case, MSP lose considerable margin and potential future revenue

6. Revenue & Margin Potential

SpamTitan Email security provides MSP multiple opportunities for additional recurring revenue. MSPs are always looking to add recurring revenue streams, this is key to increasing profits. Solution providers must not only maximize revenue from each client but also find a way to upsell/cross-sell their clients on new services and solutions. With Vade Secure this is not an option. As well as offering no value add to MSPs for email filtering they offer no other solutions MSPs can offer customers as a potential cross-sell service. With TitanHQ MSPs also have the opportunity to offer their customer DNS filtering (Web Filtering) and Email Archiving (ArcTitan).

For managed services providers (MSPs), this presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Most SMBs do not have the resources to prevent and protect against the myriad of attacks vectors faced today. The average cost of a security breach for SMBs is $47,000. In addition, SMBs also risk reputational cost which can be even more damaging to the organization. For managed services providers (MSPs), this presents a challenge and an opportunity to help clients. MSPs can help clients understand the current threat landscape and the importance of layered security as the only effective security strategy to prevent breaches and protect data.

7. Client Management

Because Vade Secure is integrated into O365, an MSP has to login to each client’s O365 for management. For reporting that extra login can be problematic and time-consuming.

8. Effectiveness

Vade offer a ‘ time-of-click’ function that rewrites URLs to pass them through a scanner. Even with this phishing emails are getting through and MSPs have reported that it can take hours for the phishing email to be detected, even after Chrome would block it. For MSPs, this gives the customer a false sense of security and allows for a potential successful phishing attack. The URL click protect feature appears to only function in OWA or outlook client. Because Vade Secure is an API integration with O365, there are clearly limited in this area. It seems that if an MSP can’t do it yourself with Powershell, then Vade Secure most likely can’t do it either.

SpamTitan´s email filter has SURBL filtering and malicious URL detection mechanisms to minimize the likelihood a phishing email avoids detection, and dual anti-virus software to inspect the content of inbound emails and their attachments for malware and ransomware. These mechanisms complement the default mechanisms found on an Office 365 spam filter (Recipient Verification Protocols, Sender Policy Frameworks, Content Filter Agents) to maximize spam detection while minimizing false positives.

9. Pricing

For Vade Secure the MSPs we spoke to found the pricing model overly complex and expensive. The solution is priced per module. For example, adding Spam or GreyMail or Virus Protection are all additional costs. With SpamTitan there is one flat fee (reasonably priced) which includes double anti-virus, product updates, all security modules including sandboxing, DMARC, DKIM, and full technical support.

MSPs also report that with VadeSecure the total users aren’t aggregated for your MSP discount. 100 10-seat licenses pay at 10 seats each instead of 1000 seats overall. Vade Secure do not take into account that MSPs bring lots of seats and expect discounts as such. This is indicative of the lack of experience when working in the MSP market. SpamTitan’s pricing model was created for the flexibility required when dealing with the fluctuating numbers of customers, common when offering managed mail services.

Vade Secure Alternative


Hackers continue to find new ways to infiltrate networks and gain sensitive data via email, so it’s more important than ever to have the most comprehensive security platform possible. For MSPs supporting customers within an Office 365 environment, a layered approach consisting of comprehensive cloud-based filtering and layered security will dramatically reduce the risk of an attack.

Learn how with SpamTitan, MSPs earn a profitable margin, offer customers a less expensive option, and provide added layers of security.

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