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15 Top FREE Email and DNS Resources for System Admins

Posted by Geraldine Hunt on Wed, Jul 22nd, 2020

15 of the top free TitanHQ resources all packaged up for you. 
Take your pick:

1. The Cisco Umbrella Comparison Report 
Cisco Umbrella Opendns Top Alternatives 2020

2. The Pillars of the MSP security stack
Key pillars of an MSPs security stack in 2020 

3. 8 Reasons MSPs must add Web Filtering
8 Reasons MSPs must add advanced Web Filtering and DNS security to their MSP Security Stack

4. Email Archiving
ArcTitan Email Archiving Pricing Comparison Guide 2020

5. Business Email Archiving for Compliance
Email Archiving for your Business: Improve Compliance, Save Money & Enhance Efficiency

6. Email Archiving Misconceptions 
Top 5 Business Email Archiving Misconceptions Exposed!
7. Email Archiving for Office365
Why Office 365 Customers Need 3rd-party Email Archiving?

8. The use of API's in Web Filtering
A Deep Dive into WebTitan Cloud APIs

9. Web filtering in your office  
Safe Browsing - How Users Internet Habits are Harming your Corporation

10. DNS Filtering the Guide
The definitive guide to DNS Filtering

11. SpamTitan Email Protection for Office365
Protecting Office 365 Email from Malicious Malware Attacks

12. Email Protection on top of EOP
SpamTitan Email Protection & Office 365 - The Perfect Fit!

13. Email Spam Protection  
Top 5 Tips for boosting your spam arsenal

14. Email Spam Filtering 
Email Spam Filtering Essentials Checklist

15. Lightspeed Relay Comparison
An Independent Comparison of WebTitan and Lightspeed for the Education Market


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