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Office 365 Email Protection from Malicious Malware Attacks

Office 365 Email Protection from Malicious Malware Attacks

Office 365 Email Protection from Malicious Malware Attacks

Microsoft Office 365 adoption is continuing at a strong pace and targeted malware attacks have increased.

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Microsoft Office 365 adoption is continuing at strong pace. With such a massive user base Office 365 is profitable prey for a persistent hacker familiar with how Office 365 works. As ransomware and phishing attacks increase, Office 365 has become a primary target, making it vital for IT professionals to take proactive steps and "hack-proof" their O365 environments. Microsoft has made great strides in cyber security, yet headlines continue to report countless exploits where hackers have undermined an O365 environment.

If your company has moved to Office 365 as a hosted email solution, your email is being hosted in a Microsoft Data Centre and most likely being filtered using Microsofts Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Although the Office 365 spam filter offers a
reasonable level of security, some businesses find it basic and lacking when it comes highly-sophisticated cyber threats especially advanced and persistent spear phishing attacks. 

In our free guide learn how to strengthen your Office 365 security against Malicious Malware through a defense in depth approach

This Guide Examines

  • Targeted Attacks on Office 365
  • How to strengthen your Office 365 security against Spam and Malware
  • Advanced Phishing Protection
  • Email protection offered by Office 365
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Increasing Profit Margins for MSPs

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