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Three Security Awareness Training Non-negotiables for MSPs

Posted by Trevagh Stankard on Tue, Aug 1st, 2023

Human-centered cyber-attacks continue to challenge businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Recent industry research shows that 96% of data breaches begin with a phishing email, and 86% of security breaches can be attributed to human error.

An MSP is in a unique position, being able to offer enterprise-grade, layered security awareness training to companies of all sizes, including SMBs. But what are the must-have, non-negotiables of a security awareness training package that an MSP must look out for?

Essential SAT One: Automated Security Awareness Training

Automation of repeated tasks saves time and money and reduces human error. Automated security awareness training must be a non-negotiable for an MSP wishing to deliver exceptional services to clients that are both effective and efficient. 

Automating security awareness training campaigns translates to ease of use and scalability for MSPs and provides always-on security for clients. Both ease of use and scalability are non-negotiable when providing SAT that works for the MSP and the client. Time is money, and automation is designed to reduce the time in planning and managing security initiatives, such as security awareness training campaigns. 

Automation of tasks applies to security awareness training across numerous areas, including:

Simulated phishing exercises: a simulated phishing platform allows an MSP to set up spoof phishing campaigns to train employees on phishing tactics. Automated simulated phishing campaigns go a step further, allowing an MSP to generate multiple, role-based campaigns from a rich set of templates, facilitating pre-configuration of the campaign details. Combined with automated scheduling, these campaigns can be 'set and go,' reducing the need for MSP intervention but that deliver practical phishing exercises.

Automated reporting and reminders: a security awareness training program should offer a centralized control module or dashboard. This dashboard can be used to auto-generate reports and send out automated reminders about training sessions. Reports should be easy to configure and delivered regularly. Automated reporting also helps to provide the evidence needed for audits and compliance. 

Automated real-time intervention of training: automated delivery of training messages to employees during training helps to change risky behavior. Automation does not mean scheduled interaction: users should be notified of risky behavior in real-time, not just on a schedule. These messages should be configured ahead of time to reflect the training modules and be automatically delivered during training sessions.

TitanHQ offers a security training feature in SafeTitan called 'Auto Campaigns.' This feature allows MSPs to quickly configure automated phishing simulation campaigns to deliver regular campaigns to employees annually. SafeTitan also offers an integrated dashboard designed for MSPs to automate reports and send reminders without intervention.


Essential SAT Two: Make Comprehensive Layered Security and an Interoperable Security Stack Non-negotiable. 

The MSP sector has embraced the security needs of its client base by adding security solutions into the MSP stack. But any MSP offering security solutions must compete as this area is highly competitive. To stand out, an MSP must build a comprehensive security stack that covers solutions that prevent email threats, provide advanced DNS security, offer malicious content filtering, and incorporate security awareness training. The resulting stack will provide layers of protection, bolster defenses, stop external and internal attacks, and empower employees with the know-how to prevent social engineering and phishing.

When choosing a security awareness training package, it should be non-negotiable that the solution interoperates seamlessly with the email security and other security products in the MSP's security stack. 

Interoperability of the security stack solutions is essential to ensure reduced administration overhead and seamless solution management. Interoperability is also vital for the different solutions to communicate data effectively. Integration with popular business apps such as Microsoft 365 is another essential ingredient in the interoperable security stack. 

Interoperability means that an MSP can more seamlessly deliver layers of protection to clients; layered security is vital to prevent sophisticated, human-centric cyber-attacks. 
Solutions should be cloud-based and SaaS to help with delivery and administration. 

TitanHQ provides layers of security protection, operating as a multi-tenant solution from a centralized dashboard, controllable by an MSP. This includes award-winning cloud email security solutions for SMBs, including phishing protection, DNS filtering, and automated security awareness training. All TitanHQ's solutions work seamlessly and can be integrated into popular business applications like Microsoft 365.


Essential SAT Three: Offer Behavior-driven Security Awareness Training 

A study found that "careless or uninformed staff" are the second most likely cause of a security breach. Changing the risky behavior of employees is critical in preventing cyber-attacks that lead to regulatory non-compliance, ransomware infection, and other sources of data leaks. Security awareness training solutions must be designed to change that risky behavior carefully and effectively. This must involve using content designed to recognize and respond to employees in real-time during simulated phishing campaigns and when using other interactive training content. The type of content that is most effective in behavior-led security awareness campaigns includes gamified content that is fun and engaging, along with simulated phishing campaigns that reflect the roles of the user and all forms of email phishing and Smishing (SMS phishing).

SafeTitan is designed to deliver gamified, interactive, and enjoyable security awareness training with short and efficient testing; this engaging content is most effective in changing user behavior. SafeTitan simulated phishing solution can be configured to reflect the threats a specific employee will most likely experience. This level of personalization, coupled with features such as real-time intervention to prevent risky behavior from forming, makes SafeTitan highly effective. SafeTitan has recorded a 92% average improvement in staff security awareness and a substantial reduction in phishing susceptibility levels from 30% to 2% within 12 months.


Watch the SafeTitan for MSP's Webinar - Security Awareness Training - Tips and Tricks for MSP's for more insights.

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