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Keep end users secure with WebTitan's web-blocking ability, designed for MSP’s, businesses, and the education sector.

Web blocking, also known as web filtering, or content filtering is used to create a defensive barrier for users against advanced security threats and preventing access to certain websites. Such websites may be offensive, inappropriate, or high-risk to security threats.

WebTitan DNS Filter prevents access to specified websites and harmful domains.  WebTitan is used as a method to control internet access for various clients, no matter the industry or sector.

Did You Know?


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Why is Web Blocking Important?

Web blocking is an important element of a web content filtering solution for many reasons. Here are the top critical reasons why organizations must have a web blocking solution:

  • Employee Internet Management

Web blocking allows organizations to manage their employee’s access to unsuitable websites. Employee internet management is essential for managing compliance requirements, bandwidth usage, or other business concerns.

  • CIPA Compliance

K12 schools in the US are required to use a web content filter to prevent minors from being exposed to obscene visual content. In order to receive e-Rate funding, CIPA compliance is a requirement.

  • Cybersecurity

A web content filter can drastically improve the security of an organization by blocking access to websites that are high-risk or recognized as dangerous, thus blocking all harmful malware such as phishing, viruses, ransomware & malicious sites

  • Bandwidth Management

Some organizations network performance can be significantly reduced due to the overuse of bandwidth. Websites such as YouTube, Netflix etc. can be blocked or restricted to reduce bandwidth usage.

  • Productivity Management

A DNS filter solution with web blocking abilities enables organizations to block access to distracting websites such as social media platforms, computer games, and video streaming services.

  • Legal Liability

Web blocking is critical to prevent access to inappropriate content such as porn, grotesque imagery, violence, and profanity. Organizations have a legal liability to block underage users from accessing adult content and to reduce the potential for internet abuse to cause a hostile work environment.

We have been very happy with the WebTitan Web Filter since deploying it. It’s given us a 360-degree view of internet use in the company allowing us manage internet usage and minimize non-work related browsing and access to unsafe sites.

WebTitan Web Blocker for Education

WebTitan offers safe internet browsing for children, providing protection from harmful and obscene web content whether they are studying at school or at home. Web security is available for all devices, including Chromebooks, Windows, iOS, and Apple.

WebTitan on-the-go [OTG] provides web filtering for K12 schools, strengthening schools CIPA compliance to provide students with a safe environment to study whether in the classroom or at home. This offers a fast and cost-effective way to apply filtering polices to your schools Chromebooks from the cloud. Protect your students with award-winning web security and safe search enforcement.

Web blocking for children and students prevents them from accessing inappropriate websites.

Learn more about WebTitan for the Education sector.

Web Blocker for Business

A web blocker is essential for businesses to not only keep their business safe from advanced threats, but to ensure employees don’t access harmful websites, and sometimes it is used to prevent employee procrastination.

Web Blocking for MSP’s

A web blocker solution is a key element to have as part of your MSP tech stack, to ensure your end-user stumble onto unsafe sites or access malicious URLs that could leave them at risk of a cyberattack.

WebTitan DNS Filter as a web blocker will ensure all end-users are protected by blocking malware, phishing, viruses, ransomware & malicious sites.

Learn about the TitanShield program for MSPs today.

Hear from our Customers

Superb DNS protection

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? Like all TitanHQ solutions, WebTitan is immediately ready for use and requires minimal technical intervention to protect all internal personnel. With the OTG client, remote, domestic, and traveling workers can also be protected. What to say? An all-inclusive DNS protection. Recommendations to others considering WebTitan Web Filter: Superb protection at an affordable price. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? The categories of sites deemed risky are blocked, preventing voluntary or involuntary clicking on the wrong link, which risks compromising company security, as well as limiting distractions for staff


Presales Engineer

Great software

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? Once we got it installed it has worked great for our library. Love that I don't have to install it on individual computers. Great customer service. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? We are meeting CIPA requirements to protect children from inappropriate sites. Less worry about malware and viruses being downloaded.

Lill B.


WebTitan Integration with my Active Directory Server is a game changer for me

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? I am able to set access policies that fit each user and fit different groups. I have a lot of control when used in conjunction with my router DNS settings and my Active Directory server. The age ranges using our computers is from 9 to 43 to being able to customize and group at the same time saves a tremendous amount of oversight effort and leaves enough flexibility to meet all our needs. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Content filtering and managing available content during productivity hours.

Jason M.

Software Enginner

WEBTITAN CLOUD and the support teams are great. It is helping us a lot.

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? The Webtitan is practical to move, what I like most is the speed in the synchronism of the users and the function of the Cloud Key. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? The only problem we are trying to solve is when the user takes another user's policy when he accesses it. But it happens to few.

Daiana M.


Most widely used powerful, outstanding and inexpensive software.

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? When I write about WebTitan’s pros, they are really uncountable. It provides really easier and quick ways of blocking malicious content and spam. With the help of this software viruses can be easily minimized. In order to have granular control over user web filtering, this software is considered to be the best among all. As far as administrative perspective is concerned, this software no doubt provides easy ways. Really superb product through which one can easily kick out bad stuff. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Ultimately I can say this software is really effective that has provided much convenience and fulfill all web filtering issues across my organization.

Laura C.

IT Specialist

What Types of Webpages are Blocked by WebTitan?

WebTitan web blocker has several categories for pages that will be blocked for end users. These are the categories of websites are automatically blocked at the source:

  • Anonymizer - Web pages that promote proxies and anonymizers for surfing websites with the intent of circumventing filters
  • Compromised - Web pages that have been compromised by someone other than the site owner, which appear to be legitimate, but house malicious code
  • Criminal Skills / Hacking - Activities that violate human rights including murder, sabotage, bomb building, etc. Information about illegal manipulation of electronic devices, encryption, misuse, and fraud. Warez and other illegal software distribution
  • Hate Speech - Web pages that promote extreme right/left wing groups, sexism, racism, religious hate and other discrimination Illegal
  • Drugs - Web pages that promote the use or information of common illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs and compounds
  • Mature - Sites not appropriate for children. Includes sites with content about alternative lifestyles, profanity, etc.
  • Nudity - Web pages that display full or partial nudity with no sexual references or intent
  • Phishing/Fraud - Manipulated web pages and emails used for fraudulent purposes, also known as phishing
  • Pornography / Sex - Explicit sexual content unsuitable for persons under the age of 18
  • Spam - Products and web pages promoted through spam techniques
  • Spyware and Malicious Sites - Sites or software that installs on a users computer with the intent to collect information or make system changes without the users consent.
  • Violence - Web pages that promote questionable activities such as violence and militancy

WebTitan’s SafeSearch feature helps keep adults & potentially offensive content out of your search results including image searches and web searches. Safe Search is enabled automatically for Google, YouTube, Bing and Duckduckgo.

Learn more about WebTitan’s Full Feature Set today.

Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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Talk to our Team today