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Finding a Cisco Secure Email Alternative

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Finding a Cisco Secure Email Alternative

Developing a good cloud mailbox defense strategy requires the right tools to stop malicious messages from being sent to the intended recipient’s inbox. Email filters are an essential component in effective cybersecurity. They block phishing, social engineering, malware, malicious file attachments, and other email-based threats. Organizations start with Cisco security email, but several alternatives on the market are more effective and affordable for small businesses, managed service providers, and enterprises.

Why is Cloud Mailbox Defense Important?

Cybercriminals send thousands of phishing emails every day. For organized cyber-criminals, phishing and ransomware are a business. The groups of people involved in organized cybercrime can make millions on a successful data breach or ransomware payload. Sending thousands of phishing email messages increases the chance that a single one of them will be a success. Additionally, every employee is an opportunity for an attacker for organizations with numerous employees.

The average cost of a phishing attack is over $4 million for containment, remediation, eradication of the threat from the environment, and any investigations and litigation. A successful phishing email or ransomware threat only requires one employee to fall for common email-based tricks used to compromise your systems. Because human error is the primary cause of data breaches and ransomware, corporations need to implement cybersecurity defenses to stop threats.

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What Can Cloud Mailbox Defense Do for Businesses?

Instead of relying on employees and contractors to recognize malicious messages, cloud mailbox defenses use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect suspicious text and file attachments and redirect messages to a quarantine folder. Bypassing the user’s inbox and sending suspicious messages to a safe location lets administrators review them before an employee can fall for phishing.

Most organizations offer security awareness training to employees to help eliminate phishing scams and ransomware from affecting the corporate environment. However, this strategy still leaves the organization open to human error. One of the strategies used in phishing and social engineering is to convey a sense of urgency. For example, an attacker might pretend to be an executive of the company to push an employee to send money or open an attachment with a malicious macro. The sense of urgency causes employees to forget their training and perform actions they otherwise wouldn’t if they stopped and thought about the consequences.

Security awareness training is always beneficial and should be a part of your cybersecurity policies, but it should not be the only defense against malware and email-based threats. Training can be a first defense, but cloud mailbox defenses are a more useful primary source for data protection. Cloud mailbox defenses stop messages from reaching the intended recipient inbox, so human error isn’t even a factor in data protection from email-based threats. In case of false negatives, cybersecurity awareness training can be used as a failover option to reduce risks. The double-layered cybersecurity approach reduces risk and makes it much more difficult for cyber-criminals to compromise an organization’s environment successfully.


Shifting Mailboxes to the Cloud for Security and Convenience

Traditionally, organizations had email servers located on-premises, so all maintenance, installation, and security were in-house and the responsibility of administrators. Moving to the cloud, administrators freed up much of their overhead and only needed to add user accounts to the environment and ensure that services were available to authorized users.

Having cloud email servers eliminates the overhead of maintaining hardware, updating firmware and software and lets administrators spin up email services without waiting for the installation of hardware and hours spent configuring individual servers. Not only is it a saving in human resources, but it’s also a cost-saving for the organization. Using cloud services saves money in resource usage, real estate to house the email servers, and the staff to maintain the software and hardware. In addition, with cloud email services, organizations only pay for the services used, which can be pennies on the dollar compared to an on-premises system. 

Some organizations prefer out-of-the-box solutions such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365. These options save time on email service setup but still need additional cybersecurity added to the environment. For example, Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 have embedded email security, but it’s insufficient for enterprise-level data protection. 

Most cyber-criminals specifically target Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace due to their enormous market share. Several data breaches have started with a sophisticated cyber-criminal attack leveraging bugs and vulnerabilities on Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. As a result, organizations need another layer of security, even with the embedded email filters and artificial intelligence included with common email platforms.


What is Cisco Secure Email?

Most organizations like to go with “tried and true” brands, and Cisco has a long history of supplying network hardware, software, and cybersecurity resources. One of Cisco’s popular products is the Cisco Security Suite of tools, and it’s rated well on various consumer feedback pages. 

The Cisco Security Suite of tools has threat intelligence, reports that offer actionable advice, real-time URL analysis, and data loss prevention (DLP) resources. Cisco products, including its security tools, have a long history with enterprise environments, and it’s often the first brand executives review when it’s time to purchase and deploy a good cybersecurity solution. However, several alternatives on the market are rated better than Cisco and offer better pricing, support, and effectiveness.


What is TitanHQ SpamTitan?

SpamTitan analyzes incoming and outgoing email messages and quarantines suspicious email activity using artificial intelligence. The TitanHQ SpamTitan product is well-rated across multiple sites from hundreds of customers. Most SpamTitan customers highly rate the product as a practical approach to email cybersecurity. The product is placed well, and SpamTitan’s support is considered one of the best in the industry.

SpamTitan is rated one of the best in the email security industry because:

  • Meets customer requirements
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of setup and deployment
  • Ease of administration
  • Quality of support
  • Business and customer relations
  • Product direction

SpamTitan email security is the #1 alternative to Cisco Secure Email. Register for a free trial to see how the two solutions compare.

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