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ArcTitan is a powerful business Email Archiving Solution enabling organizations to create a back-up of all their email messages.

With ArcTitan, our Cloud-Based Archiving Solution, users can fully offload their email storage requirements to the cloud. Email Archiving provides businesses with unlimited archiving of both inbound and outbound mail, as well as attachments, folders, calendar entries and contacts.

The main features of our business email archiving solution include lightning fast search and retrieval, ultimate scalability, and full compliance with GDPR, eDiscovery, Sarbanes–Oxley, HIPPA, and other legislation for e-discovery, retention and audit.

Key Reasons Organizations Need to Archive Email

Email contains valuable intellectual property that needs to be protected against loss.

An archive is important in the case of vendor or contract disputes and issues surrounding product warranties, where relevant documents are contained in historical emails - for example invoices, scanned contracts, and agreements.

After a cyber-incident, email messages are one factor in the investigation process, so as a result it is crucial email data is stored safely, without being altered.

Business email archiving is also important when you lose the technical details for how to do something today that you did 3 years ago, when the employee who designed that was still with the firm.

When a business switches any operations from one platform to another, data is supposed to be migrated, but there is the risk that the document or email you wrote 7 years ago no longer exists. That is why a reliable archive is important. Also, losing archived documents and their attachments subjects the company to significant regulatory and legal risk.

Did You Know?


search limits with ArcTitan


saving on email storage space


item export limit

400 billion

emails sent and received daily by 2026

Legislation Around Document Retention

Legislation exists that compels companies to keep electronic records so that they can produce them in the case of litigation, accusations of fraud, or whatever dispute a company has with stockholders, stakeholders, or regulators.  Most regulations stipulate storage of emails and other records for several years. In the case of litigation, a permanent archive is best.

Businesses may need access to historical emails/documentation in the case of lawsuits, where a court may order production of all records associated with a case. The request for and production of these records is defined as eDiscovery.

Archived messages contain the information needed in legal investigations and data integrity is important for it to be considered viable evidence. Archived emails include a clear audit trail, documenting any modifications to messages, ensuring compliance to regulations.

If an organization is unable to produce emails/records that they are required to by the law or rule, it leads to fines and perhaps even criminal charges.

Hear from our Customers

The Junk Space for Tacky eMails

What do you like best about ArcTitan? With ArkTitan, I am anxiety-free. Having the confidence that I can retrieve/discover any of our email files for as long as they remain stored in a central archive as opposed as the time when an employee leaves is a big thing. It is a ready-made tool (which plays well) particularly in our heavily regulated industry. What problems is ArcTitan solving and how is that benefiting you? ArcTitan solves a critical problem. It accomplishes two key objectives for us as it enables us to remain compliant with regulations and provides that even if an employee accidentally deletes the email, we can still store a copy of it. Having this mindfulness, in fact, is a treasure more precious than anything else.

Christopher B.


ArcTitan is an excellent mail archive solution for our needs.

We have been using ArcTitan for one year now without any problems. The archiving process from Office 365 is working smoothly, and mails are easily accessible through the search ArcTitan search engine. We are happy campers with ArcTitan.

Verified User in Translation and Localization


Email Archiving in the Cloud with ArcTitan

What do you like best about ArcTitan? ArcTitan is Fast, scalable, very easy to operate and it has all the email archiving requirement/features a company needs to have. ArcTitan email archive has been the most effective solution, there is no storage limitation. ArcTitan takes automatic backups. it saves our email storage space and cost. has a super-fast search option and include full email audit functionalities. What do you dislike about ArcTitan? There is nothing dislike anything about this product, everything is perfect and amazing. Recommendations to others considering ArcTitan: Highly recommend to everyone, ArcTitan is truly superb email archiving tool. What problems is ArcTitan solving and how is that benefiting you? securely archive the emails. save time, cost and storage space. can manage everything from outlook

Isuru P.

Assistant lecturer

Good Product

ArcTitan is easy to implement. The interface is intuitive. The search function is helpful. Easy to connect to O365. We needed a solution to seamlessly archive our email from O365. This was for compliance and general data protection.

Verified User in Health, Wellness and Fitness


An Effective Email Archiving Solution - ArcTitan

What do you like best about ArcTitan? With ArcTitan, we can keep emails secure by archiving them. In addition, we can always retrieve them whenevr need be and it comes with amazing encryption capabiltiies hence bettering data protection. Integration is straightforward and customer support is great. What do you dislike about ArcTitan? No particular hurdles worth mentionig as ArcTitan has been amazing. What problems is ArcTitan solving and how is that benefiting you? We use this software to archive our important emails and the software also makes email encryption easy too.

Renly S.

IT Manager

Business Email Archiving

Access our eye-opening email archiving for business webinar to find out about the fundamentals of business email archiving, and key considerations to help you choose and deploy an email archiving solution for your organization. Learn all about the pains, dangers & cost of not archiving email in your organization.

We also discuss the benefits of cloud-based email archiving, the capabilities archiving solutions should include, and why email archiving is a necessity for all organizations and no longer just for regulated industries.

Access our business email archiving webinar

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Jennifer Marsh


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