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Internet Filtering

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Internet Filtering

Internet access control solution is used for numerous reasons, for employees, students, guest users, or members of the public with access to the Internet. Using an internet filtering solution, organizations can control who can access the Internet, when they can access it, and what content they can view, stream or download.

By using an internet filter, organizations can prevent:

  • Employees engaging in non-work related activities.
  • Students being exposed to harmful online material.
  • Illegal activity by guest users (for which you may be liable).
  • Members of the public openly viewing inappropriate content such as pornography.

In addition to the reasons mentioned, a huge contributing factor for internet filtering to be considered is for security reasons. Internet filters are used to block users accessing webpages that are used for malicious activity including phishing and ransomware.

The cost of recovering from a cyberattack, in particular, ransomware and data breaches can be devastating to an organization. Small businesses may result in a forced closure, larger orgainsations may suffer major creditability damage.

Malware can prevent schools from functioning and harm can be caused to individuals whose data is stolen in these attacks.

Compared to the consequences of a malware or ransomware infection, the cost and the process of implementing an internet filtering solution for Internet filtering is minimal.

WebTitan is an Internet Filtering Solution that protects businesses, employees, students & customers from malicious content. It's the best internet filter for small business to enterprises.

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How Does Internet Filtering Works?

Cloud-based solutions for controlling Internet access are implemented by changing your DNS server settings to point to a service provider´s DNS servers.

For WebTitan DNS Filtering clients, once setup, administrators access the web-based portal and set parameters depending on the organisation requirements. This may differ from businesses, schools, or organisations. 

WebTitan acts as the first line of defense against malware and ransomware through the advanced threat intelligence database.

WebTitan identifies 100,000 new malicious websites in relatime everyday. It checks every request against the database and security software is used to ensure webpages are safe to visit.


How To Use Internet Filtering?

The best way to control interest access is by using WebTitan Cloud DNS Filter. WebTitan Cloud has 53 different categories (abortion, adult entertainment, alternative beliefs, alcohol, etc.), into which six billion web pages have been sorted according to the nature of their content.

System administrators can control Internet access to any of these categories with the click of a mouse.

Click to block the category and any attempt to visit a website that is not permitted will see the user directed to a local block page that explains why the content cannot be viewed.

WebTitan’s simple migration process allows organizations to set up and start using the internet filtering solution in less than one hour.

By integrating with directory tools such as LDAP or Azure Active Directory, the process is accelerated significantly.

WebTitan is an Internet Filtering Solution that protects businesses, employees, students & customers from malicious content. It's the best internet filter for small business to enterprises.

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Internet Filtering in Schools 

Internet filtering in schools has become a crucial task of schools' IT departments due to the introduction of CIPA Compliance for e-Rate funding. CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act ) is a federal law enacted by Congress to address concerns around access to offensive content on the Internet on school and library computers.  

CIPA imposes certain requirements on any school or library receiving E-Rate funding for Internet access or internal connections. E-Rate funding makes certain communications technology more affordable for eligible schools and libraries.

In early 2001, the FCC issued rules for CIPA compliance and Congress enacted additional protections for children using the Internet.  WebTitan supports schools' CIPA compliance. Learn more about WebTitan’s dedication to CIPA compliance

WebTitan provides internet filtering for students and children, whether they are in the classroom or learning from home, thanks to the remote roaming agent (WebTitan OTG), that enforces user policies whether they are on or off the network.

WebTitan’s roaming agent is available for easy installation for Windows, Macs, iOS and Chromebooks.  

WebTitan DNS Filtering deployed to two K-9 schools has provided instant protection for 2500 students from pornographic sites. 

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Why WebTitan Internet Filter? 

  • 700 million URL’s crawled daily providing crowd-sourced categorization and threat protection.  
  • 200 languages covered 
  • 5 trillion search queries examined monthly 
  • 3 million malicious URLs and phishing sites blocked at any one time 
  • 100,000 new malicious and phishing site entries daily 
  • 1,500,000 DNS requests per day 
  • 300,000 malicious URLs revisited every single day 
  • 100% coverage of the Top 1 Million most visited websites 
  • 99% coverage and accuracy of the entire active web, the industry leader. 
  • 53 Unique Content Categories 
  • 200,000 queries per second/per instance  
  • 5 microseconds for database lookups 
  • 1 Vital DNS Security Layer 

WebTitan is an Internet Filtering Solution that protects businesses, employees, students & customers from malicious content. It's the best internet filter for small business to enterprises.

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