OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Top Alternatives

OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Top Alternatives for Web Filtering

2019 OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Top Alternatives and Competitors 

OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Alternatives and Pricing

WebTitan is a direct swap out technically for OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella. They are both DNS filters with best of breed advanced threat protection and are built on the same core principles.  OpenDNS has evolved from a free service to a paid for service that has recently been acquired by the tech giant Cisco. Over the last 36 months, many OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella customers and MSPs have made the switch to WebTitan web filter.

Recently (October 2018) even the fantastic founder of OpenDNS, David Ulevitch, has left the OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella team. Nice article in Techcrunch about Davids exit and new plans.   

Managed Service Providers are moving from Open DNS Cisco Umbrella to WebTitan because of the better pricing, no need for minimum users and monthly targets, private cloud options with WebTitan and fantastic support from product experts both before and after the sales process.
Read more about the benefits of WebTitan DNS filter for Managed Service Providers here

WebTitan Threat Protection
WebTitans In-Depth Threat Intelligence updated in real time and comparable to OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella 

WebTitan provides leading edge AI driven threat intelligence including:
- Real time URL threat protection powered by 550 million end users and growing.
- Our real time Database contains 3 million malicious URLs, phishing sites and IP addresses.
- Every single day we identify 100,000 NEW malicious threats and URLs.  

The key reasons that businesses and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are looking for OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella alternatives includes the following: 

1. OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Pricing

The current 2019 OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella pricing comparison that we are seeing when talking to prospective customers is as follows:

2019 Web Filtering Pricing – Open DNS Cisco Umbrella versus WebTitan

Cisco Umbrella OpenDNS: $2.70
TitanHQ WebTitan:  $1.10

(this price is based on per user per month, with 100 users)
For the same key features and threat intelligence.

Cisco Umbrella Pricing

Customer Quote:
"Excellent web proxy
WebTitan is extremely easy to use and easy to setup. Integration with our network was very simple as well. We were looking for a product that had a informative dashboard and an easy way to setup rules. This was the perfect product for us. 
If you are looking for an effective solution that meets your price requirements as well as ease of administration, Webtitan is a perfect product for you. We are using this product to limit internal users from accessing restricted sites. We also use this product to audit activity for specific users in our office."

System Administrator in Non-Profit Organization 

2. Differences in Support levels between OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella and WebTitan 

Support from TitanHQ is hands-on and world-class including contact with a qualified engineer through the entire process

- this includes full support during the trial period, migration help and on-going free technical support when you become a customer.OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella does not offer you this. With TitanHQ there are no additional support costs or add on pricing

- all features, upgrades, and support are included in the price quoted. TitanHQ are very hands-on when it comes to support

We have had several customers migrate to WebTitan because of poor post-sales support.

OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Versus WebTitan Live Review on Capterra:  
"I am liking it a lot better than Umbrella by Cisco, which we were previously using.
Pros: The simple interface is the best feature. When Cisco bought OpenDNS, they revamped the UI to make it look "modern", but they also made it a lot slower to use and find the info you need. With WebTitan, I am finding that I can log in, quickly look for blocked users, check their individual traffic, and get out in less than 5 minutes. With Umbrella (formerly known as OpenDNS), I just wasn't even bothering to look at traffic because the experience was frustrating. Now with WebTitan, I am finding that I am using it daily again because it is quick and easy to use and doesn't make me feel like I am fighting with the UI."

Todd Russell, Director of IT, Saint Joseph Seminary College, Covington, Louisiana

Here's an excellent new case study detailing Saint Joseph Seminary Colleges move from Cisco Umbrella to WebTitan for improved usability, reporting & costs. You can follow the full case study here.
Also here's a new case study about a UK based MSP called Network Needs migrating from OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella to WebTitan 

3. WebTitan is Easy to use and manage 

With WebTitan there are No minimums, No DNS request limits, No extra support costs, No unanswered support calls.  Once you are a WebTitan customer, you are a customer. There are No tiers or costly minimums just a solid product and great service. As a business, we will grow and shrink with you. Can Cisco Umbrella say the same? 

MSP Customer Quote:
"Comprehensive protection at a reasonable price. I really love the amount of options you have in protecting your network. There seems to be an almost endless granularity in filtering.
My clients have realized the potential of DNS Filtering services. The reporting has gotten more comprehensive. Our recurring revenue has increased because of this."

Capterra MSP 

WebTitan Easy To Use Homepage

4. Data Compliance - Where exactly is your data with OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella?

WebTitan can guarantee that your data stays in your region. OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella is a shared AnyCast system - there is no guarantee that your data is staying within your region.
WebTitan Cloud is regionalized so ALL info is guaranteed to stay within the same region (US/EU/ANZ etc.) Our private clouds are located in your data centre or in AWS locally.

The following companies trust WebTitan:

5. Twice as much custom reporting with WebTitan than OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella

WebTitan offers twice as many custom reports as OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella. Custom reports allow for flexible reporting based on an organization's specific requirements. When Active Directory integration is in place WebTitan offers an additional 10 reports as well as the ability to add filters to the pre-canned reports.
WebTitan reporting is also renowned for its speed and real-time functionality. All of this reporting is available via our extensive API. 

Customer Quote:
“Ensuring our network and users are secure is vital, and Umbrella’s frustrating interface was making this task more difficult than it needed to be, We were unhappy with the overly-complex Umbrella user interface for a long time and were jeopardizing security because of this complexity. WebTitan’s many features prompted tus to explore the solution. It didn’t take long to realize that WebTitan was the best alternative for an efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use filtering solution to replace Cisco Umbrella”.
Todd Russell, Director of IT, Saint Joseph Seminary College, Covington, Louisiana

WebTitan Excellent Reporting Capability

6. Google Safe Search problems with OpenDNS

With WebTitan you can enable safe search for Google and Bing with just one click. When SafeSearch is on, it helps block explicit images, videos, and websites from Google Search results. This is an integral part of web filtering. Why block content in the search results if users can see the content in images and videos. Because of the Anycast system used by OpenDNS, this on/off safe search feature is not possible, thus allowing pornographic and inappropriate imagery to display even when content is being filtered.

OpenDNS customers wishing to apply safe search must do so themselves at the router level. This is a serious limitation of the Open DNS Anycast system. This has been a bugbear with Open DNS Cisco Umbrella for a long time and is a limitation of the anycast system.  Users are reporting jumping through hoops to get this set up with every path leading to a dead end. With WebTitan implementing safe search is simple, fast and effective.

7. WebTitan Extensive API Calls

WebTitan's extensive API set facilitates simple integration for users. The OpenDNS API is not as extensive with less customization possible. WebTitan Cloud allows deep integration making 'Cloud to Cloud' integration straightforward. Our backend expertise brought through to your front end provides you a single pane of glass view.

Benefits of an API driven architecture:

» Easy - Backend functionality is split from front-end allowing easy back-end integration.

» Scalability - You can add more clients as you wish and all call the same API.

» You save time by removing the need to repeat laborious tasks and increase organizational efficiency.

MSP Customer Quote:
"Webtitan review. The service is very intuitive and easy to use. I'm using it as an MSP provider and the integration with the API is simple, well documented and supported. Makes it much easier to use and offer it to our customers.
Offering domain filtering services to my customers, and not having to develop it as a service of our company, made it economically better"

Wasserman MSP, Australia

8. Email Alerts

With WebTitan you have the ability to set up email alerts to be notified if a user hits a page/domain that's blocked (for security reasons). An administrative alert email is immediately sent to the admin account or another designated user in the account. OpenDNS umbrella does not offer this option.

9. Post-Sales Support from Open DNS Cisco Umbrella

We routinely receive great feedback (98% customer satisfaction) for our post-sales support. Hands-on contact with a qualified and experienced engineer at all stages is an important factor in this high rating. Customers we've migrated from OpenDNS see this as a key factor in moving to WebTitan.

MSP Customer Quote about Cisco Umbrella support:
"We pay for it for all our clients.  Support is very slow, days to get responses.  Adding a blocked site should be easy.  The Cisco dashboard is overly complicated for a basic proxy service.  The switch to Cisco has come at a cost to the end users and tech people.  Not happy."
Jonathan2766, IT service provider, Spiceworks.

10. Active Directory Integration

OpenDNS Active Directory integration and multiple policies run off a policy ranking system, Web Titan Cloud runs off a group ranking system. From customer feedback, our ranking system is a lot more user-friendly and easier to manage.

MSP Customer Quote
We looked at OpenDNS last year and ended up going with WebTitan,  I've been happy with it so far.  It is cloud based, but make sure you install the VM appliance they offer for free to help it sync with your AD to show what user is accessing the content.  The cost was a whole lot less than OpenDNS for the same functionality.
We switched from a Barracuda appliance we had at each of our sites.  It's nice to show all of our locations from a single console with WebTitan now.

Chad1642, MSP, Spiceworks

11. Your Own Private Web Filtering Cloud versus Open DNS Anycast 

TitanHQ has always been MSP focused when it comes to features and product development. This web filter was built by MSP's for MSP's.  WebTitan can be deployed as a private cloud with all of your customers on your private cloud. With WebTitan there are lots of customizations options, the solution can be fully white labeled. OpenDNS is a shared platform with limited customization options.

» Your own private dedicated cloud.

» Allows for extensive customization.

» Allows for deep integration with your interface.

» Unlimited capacity, from small MSPs sent to the Telco deployments.

» Extensive white labeling.

12. The Cost of Free

What happens when a free service and business service mix? The paying customers unwittingly end up subsiding the free service. For the people using the free service this is fantastic however this means the paying customer is invariably overpaying.  OpenDNS provides free DNS resolutions for millions and millions of systems. Who pays for this? Well, business customers actually.  Are you overpaying and subsiding the free users of OpenDNS?

WebTitan customers only ever pay for what they use.

Additional Notes:

» OpenDNS charges per remote agent deployed, with WebTitan Cloud all remote agents are included.

» WebTltan Pricing models are scalable for MSPs.

» Flexible Pricing options, AP's, IP's, per location.


"The entire experience with WebTitan has been terrific. From better reporting to a usable UI, we’ve gotten the visibility we need and have therefore been able to improve our security position.
There is nothing to lose by contacting WebTitan and setting up a trial instance. I was able to do that very quickly over the phone and spend a little time in the interface to determine whether or not it could do what I wanted. That brief demo was all I needed to know that WebTitan would serve my needs much better than Umbrella and I have been thrilled with the improvements to my workflow since switching over,”

Todd Russell, Director of IT, Saint Joseph Seminary College, Covington, Louisiana

If you are interested and feel some of these reasons apply to you as a customer or as a managed service provider feel free to drop us an email on or visit our contact us page .
We have real web security experts offering live support and guidance on our live chat feature - click the buttons on the bottom right and left of the page. 
We're happy to provide web filtering pricing, arrange a free trial, a product demo or discuss your technical set up.


Case Studies focusing on moving from OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella to WebTitan 

1. Saint Joseph Seminary Colleges move from Cisco Umbrella to WebTitan for improved usability, reporting & costs. 
2. UK based Managed Service Provider Network Needs migrating all their endpoints from OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella to WebTitan 

3. FamilyGuard Wi-Fi solution provider selecting WebTitan over Cisco Umbrella 

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More DNS Filtering Comparisons: 
Lightspeed: An Independent Comparison of WebTitan Web Filter and Lightspeed Web Filter for the Education Sector

Webroot DNS: WebTitan versus Cisco Umbrella versus Webroot DNS 


Here's a report we published in 2018 outlining the differences between WebTitan and Open DNS Cisco Umbrella
2018 OpenDNS Cisco Umbrella Alternatives 

Here are some of the advantages of WebTitan over OpenDNS:

Ever since Cisco acquired OpenDNS in 2015, businesses have been looking for OpenDNS alternatives due to issues they have encountered with the renamed Cisco Umbrella service. WebTitan Cloud fits businesses´ requirements perfectly due to lower pricing, ease of use and great support.

Among the limited choice of OpenDNS alternatives is WebTitan Cloud – our DNS-based content filtering solution that enables businesses to monitor networks, control Internet activity, and protect end-users from online threats such as malware, ransomware, C2 callbacks and phishing.

In many ways, WebTitan Cloud is a straight swap for OpenDNS in that both solutions automate advanced threat protection and use predictive AI intelligence to identify attacks in real time before they reach end-users. 
However, WebTitan Cloud has the advantage of being less expensive and easier to use, and it is more suitable for businesses subject to regulatory compliance, as data stays within the same region

1) Host Locally

With WebTitan Cloud, the ability to host the solution locally offers control and privacy. This is an important consideration for certain types of businesses who for various reason don't want to direct their users to an external cloud service.

  • OpenDNS does not permit local hosting.

WebTitan Categorisation

2) Pricing Model

The pricing model for WebTitan Cloud is simple and transparent - all features, benefits, and support are included in your price.

  • OpenDNS uses a multi-tiered pricing system with extra costs for more advanced features. 

3) Focus

All of our resource and focus are dedicated to WebTitan. This is our core business. Our focus and flexibility on meeting the individual needs of our customers is shown through competitive pricing, flexible licensing and dedicated resources.

  • Tech giants like Cisco have vast and diverse product portfolios.

4) Flexibility & Pricing

As an independent entity, we have the flexibility to provide commercial arrangements which suit both parties.

  • OpenDNS is very expensive, especially when compared to WebTitan Cloud.

5) Support

WebTitan Cloud fully supports all customers at no additional cost. Cisco also restructured the product to provide three levels of service to customers – the first (“Professional”) being equivalent to the former OpenDNS Enterprise service, with more advanced security features packaged into the “Insights” and “Platform” services.

6) Rebrandable

WebTitan Cloud is completely rebrandable and customizable providing service providers with the vital ability to provide a unified "ALL IN" service to customers. Rebrandable elements include a customizable UI to reflect your own corporate branding and a customizable block page.

  • OpenDNS is not rebrandable.

7) Cloud Keys

WebTitan Cloud applies security rules across the enterprise network for consistent application of security rules. It also provides the ability to enter bypass codes (Cloud Keys) when necessary. Cloud keys were created for scenarios where certain users needed to bypass everything without changing the policy. They can be created to expire after a certain time or number of uses.

Get an introduction to WebTitan Cloud today. Web filtering built for business, that protects any device, anywhere. Get in touch today to arrange a quick product demo. 

In the meantime take a look at this video to see how WebTitan Cloud provides complete protection from online threats such as viruses malware, ransomware, and comprehensive content filtering.


Experience Why WebTitan Cloud is the Best of the OpenDNS Alternatives

As mentioned above, we offer a free trial of WebTitan Cloud before you commit to our service so you can evaluate WebTitan Cloud in your own environment and decide whether it is the best of the Open DNS alternatives for your requirements. Our offer is open to every business, regardless of whether you are already using OpenDNS, another of the DNS alternatives, or no DNS-based solution at all.

Alternatively, if you have any questions before starting your free trial, you are invited to contact us and talk with our experts about your requirements. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions, can organize a demonstration of WebTitan Cloud tailored to your requirements, and calculate an all-inclusive price for using our service so that you can make your own comparison against OpenDNS pricing. Contact us today to find out more, and start your WebTitan Cloud experience for free.

The key WebTitan technical features to remember are: 

WebTitan Technical Feature List
Two primary use cases:

1. A DNS security layer.  Blocks Malware, Phishing, Viruses, Ransomware & Malicious Sites at source.
2. Brand protection. Advanced content control.

WebTitan Web Filtering Functions:
1. URL filtering. Filters website URLs into 53 predefined categories in 200 languages. An additional 8 customizable categories are also available.  
2. Security Layer. Best-in-class malicious URL detection. SSL supported. HTTP and HTTPS covered.
3. Flexible Policies. Create Policies for an entire organization, from AD groups down to the user level.
4. API Driven. Integrate and control Webtitan using its extensive APIs, roll your own UI, auto provision your customers from your existing systems. Integrate billing and monitoring systems.
5. Reporting: Realtime reporting dashboard to the per DNS request level or high level reports with customizable filters. Schedule customizable reports in multiple formats to be delivered via email. Drill down options with 55 predefined reports to choose from.
6. Deployment options. Gateway/shared cloud/Private Cloud. WebTitan Cloud, a private cloud deployed for you on AWS with failover or hosted by you in your own data centre. We deploy servers globally tailored for you and your operations. The IP for DNS forwarding provided to you are yours and yours only.  Your data in your geographic locations.
7. Group Policies. If you use Windows Active Directory, you have already got groups defined, pull them into WebTitan and apply policies to individual groups.
8. Safe Search: One click enforcement of Google and bing SafeSearch and YouTube restricted mode (this can be customised)
9. Whitelist and Blacklist functionality. Per policy white and black list functionality.
10. AD Integration. Allows for user identification, user/group policy application.  
11. On the Go roaming agent. WebTitan is perfect for BYOD environments where employees use multiple devices on and off site. Covering windows and MacOS. We also don’t charge extra for our agents.  
12. IPv6 coverage. We have full IPv6 support thus are future proofed.
13. Location types Static IP, dynamic IP, Dynamic DNS, Roaming or Virtual Locations (EDNS) all supported.
14. Bypass keys. Each Cloud Key can be created for single or multiple users and are controlled by time or date. This key can over ride the blocked pages; each key activity is also individually reported on.
15. Customisable block pages – Each customer can have their own specific block page to show their messaging and branding.
16. White Labelling: Our GUI can be 100% White Labelled to your branding

1. Market-leading accuracy, coverage and malicious website detection collated through real time advanced analytics and detection from 550 million end users and 5 trillion web queries per month covering 99.9% of the active web. Proprietary Al-based and machine learning categorization engines process millions of URLs daily.

2. Scalable.  Solutions can handle any volume of usage with no latency.

3. Real time auto threat and category updating.
4. Support. Renowned for our top-class support team both pre and post sales. This full support comes at no extra cost!  

5. Multitenant. Support multiple clients from one centralised platform. Each location has its own log in and policy manager. Each account administrator can control the content accessed for multiple locations

7. User identification: Identify individual users and report on their activity. Integrates with active directory or LDAP to allow you to create per user or per group reporting for your organisation.

8. Full path detection: One of the critical features that Web Titan provides is an ability for deep analysis due to full path detection. Page and path-level reporting provides analytical credibility to what is being marked as malicious. URLs in the Web Titan databases are detailed down to the path level.

9.  Zero Latency: Beauty of DNS Filtering is there is no impact on internet speeds to your users. 

10. 3 step setup: i) add location identifier ii) Set policy iii) Forward DNS to WebTitan Cloud



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